News: Women in leadership combat gender-based discrimination in workplace


Women in leadership combat gender-based discrimination in workplace

From leading by example to using a voice for change, women are the pioneers of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as conveyed by thought leaders in the first edition of the Trailblazing Women Summit in India.
Women in leadership combat gender-based discrimination in workplace

The solution to the gender pay gap is more women in positions of power, so the decision-making is through lived experiences, which will contribute to equality in the workplace, says Faye D’Souza, Founder and Editor of Beatroot News at Trailblazing Women Summit India, organised by Salesforce in Hyderabad on July 28, 2023.

Among the speakers at the event were women in leadership positions including, Vidya Rao, CIO of Genpact, Rucha Nanavati, CIO of Mahindra Group and Alpana Singh, Senior President & Country Head & Training of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, sharing stories of their milestones in the industry, as well as inspiring Gen-Z to become future women leaders. They shared stories about the role of women in technology and finance has transformed in the last two decades. Moreover, with the AI revolution, women are encouraged to take up leadership roles.

Talking about women in technology, Vidya said, “Technology is ubiquitous today, more women in the space will bring more robust and diverse conversations to the table.”

Parul Jain, VP of Engineering at Salesforce said, “AI will be making data-driven decisions for us in future, which will be highly influential, and women should be empowered to participate in this revolution.”

Sharing leadership lessons in navigating change, Rucha said, “Setting higher goals for myself, so that I can become a role model for the younger generation drives me further i.e. to lead by example.”

"Women should lift others along as they rise in the workplace, lead with curiosity, take risks and find sponsors to climb up the career ladder," said Relina Bulchandani, EVP of Salesforce. 

Leya Curian, VP of Customer Sucess at Salesforce commented, “Diversity brings different perspectives and thought-through decision-making at the workplace”

“Women need to secure their space in the world of technology, which is under transformation with AI,” says Nathalie Scardino, EVP Global Head of Recruiting, Salesforce. 

Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO & Chairperson, Salesforce India, said, “Excited to be here at the first Trailblazing Women Summit in India. This year’s theme is Driving Change and my advice to young and aspiring women leaders is, be the change, get out of your comfort zone, be your authentic resilient self and forge your own path.” 

Lori Castillo Martinez, EVP & Chief Equality Officer, Salesforce, said, “Equality is a core value at Salesforce and it cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. India has incredible talent and plays an important role in helping Salesforce realise our vision of Equality for All.” 

In the keynote session ‘using your voice to make change’ D'Souza said, “As women in the workplace, we are all role models for those around us. It's possible to action change, stand up against discrimination and encourage inclusion by finding our voices and trusting ourselves to speak up. True female empowerment is a growth project with our allies, our peers and those who need our assistance. There is no genuine progress unless everyone's voice is heard.”

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