News: Yash Pakka names new CEO of its Compostable Division in Satish Chamyvelumani


Yash Pakka names new CEO of its Compostable Division in Satish Chamyvelumani

With over two decades of comprehensive experience, Satish will play a pivotal role in driving business growth globally as the brand expands its production facilities across the international compostable food serviceware market.
Yash Pakka names new CEO of its Compostable Division in Satish Chamyvelumani

Sustainable packaging company Yash Pakka has onboarded Satish Chamyvelumani as the CEO of its Compostables Division, the 40 year old company announced in the press release. 

Satish, who recently co-founded Real.Sports.AI. in 2020 and has previous entrepreneurial experience with Atchayam’s Foodbox in 2013 and Frshly, has been brought onboard for his in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and packaging industry, all-inclusive experience and matchless leadership qualities.

Ved Krishna, Vice-Chairman, Yash Pakka Ltd. said, “Gradually, industries worldwide are making conscious efforts to innovate product development and packaging and making it sustainable to effectively reduce their carbon footprint. At Yash Pakka, we assist companies through innovative, durable and affordable options. 

He also added that as the company gears up to expand its presence in the global market, they are delighted to have an industry veteran like Satish to take the reins of business growth in his hands. 

Satish will headline the brand in the global food serviceware market through Yash Pakka’s compostable division while the company establishes franchised production facilities for manufacturing and distributing its indigenous products worldwide. The company’s compostable division  has been making significant waves for its feasibility, durability, cost-effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Satish brings more than 20 years of experience in the product, packaging and food space He completed his Masters in Manufacturing Technology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Satish Chamyvelumani said, “I am thrilled to commence a brand-new innings with Yash Pakka and help companies and stakeholders to make informed and purposeful decisions concerning environmental protection. We will work harder than before to make Compostable food packaging solutions as the preferred option in this conventional and outdated ecosystem.”

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