News: Jawed Zia likely to join Abbot India


Jawed Zia likely to join Abbot India

After working for almost two decades with Novartis India he stepped down last week. According to a media report, he is likely to join the competitor brand Abbot India
Jawed Zia likely to join Abbot India

Jawed Zia, former Managing Director of drug maker Novartis India is likely to join rival company Abbot India. According to a media report, Zia’s resignation last Friday came as a surprise to many in the pharma industry, given that he had officially taken charge of Novartis just 15 days ago from the company’s previous Vice Chairman Ranjit Shahani. 

It can be recalled that last week, Novartis India informed the Bombay Stock Exchange about Zia’s resignation. The filing said, “We wish to inform you that Jawed Zia, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Novartis India Limited has informed the Board of Directors of his decision to step down from the office of Vice Chairman and Managing Director.”

Jawed is an industry veteran with more than thirty years of experience. He has worked with different companies such as Ciba-Geigy, Novartis, Alcon (A Novartis Company). He joined Novartis as Senior Brand Manager in 1997 and worked in different roles for the company. 

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