News: Uptick in demand for job roles in IT sector continues: Report


Uptick in demand for job roles in IT sector continues: Report

The data further reveals, more than 50% jobs in the IT sector came from Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi, in the month of November.
Uptick in demand for job roles in IT sector continues: Report

Despite the pandemic, demand for job roles in the IT sector continues to be unaffected. Major job roles that were in demand in the month of November were Project Manager, Software Developer, Software Tester, Consultant & Digital Marketing lead, out of which in comparison to other sectors - IT sector alone had a demand of 55%, 65%, 60%, 33% & 30% respectively of above roles across India as per SCIKEY Market Network's platform research data.

The Project Manager role was in the highest demand in Bengaluru with 30%, followed by Delhi/NCR (15%) and Pune (13%). Demand for Project Managers was maximum in the IT Sector (55%), followed by Construction (6%), Recruitment (5%) & Banking (3%).

The data further reveals, more than 50% of jobs in the IT sector came from Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi, in the month of November. In terms of salary, 50% of the highest paying IT jobs are in Bengaluru and Pune with a salary of more than 25 lac per annum. Bengaluru again tops the chart with a salary bracket of 6 & 15 lakh per annum followed by Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi, reveal the findings.

Demand for Developers was highest in Bengaluru with 35% & out of total demand of developers- 65% was in the IT sector. Other cities that were hiring Software Developers are Delhi (18%), Hyderabad (13%) & Pune (12%). The sectors that are hiring developers most, after IT are Internet / Ecommerce (2.6%), Recruitment (2%), and Banking (1.5%).

Demand for Digital Marketing roles has gone up as a direct result of companies looking to increase their digital presence due to increasing time spend online. While Bengaluru tops the chart in demand with 28% followed by Delhi/NCR (26%), Mumbai (14%), & Hyderabad (9%) & the sectors which are hiring most are IT (30%), BPO (10%), Advertising (8%) & Recruitment/staffing (6%).

Skills like SAP, Node.js, and Communication are in high demand in the IT sector with a demand of 68%, 80%, and 38% respectively with a maximum demand in Bengaluru.

Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Co-founder, SCIKEY Market Network said, “IT sector remains one of the least affected sectors across the globe since it has been playing a major role in digital transformation amid the pandemic with companies adopting technology and hybrid working models. The Indian IT workforce accounts for 4.36 million employees, as of 2020. This indicates positive growth in the hiring sentiments among the job seekers in India especially the metro cities while also influencing the economic parameters.”

The numbers point out to the trend that as businesses go virtual during the pandemic, the IT sector is growing gradually with the increasing demand for job roles in the sector with the increased use of technology. With more digitalization, this trend is expected to continue hopefully as we step into the second year of the pandemic.

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