News: Data analytics, virtual assistant skills most in demand for freelancers


Data analytics, virtual assistant skills most in demand for freelancers

The Fast 50 report released by highlights the major job roles that are in high demand from employers this quarter.
Data analytics, virtual assistant skills most in demand for freelancers

The demand for data analytics and virtual assistant skills have seen an exceptional rise from employers who are seeking out employees who are ready to work remotely, according to a recently released Fast 50 index by 

The Fast 50, which is a quarterly index of the most in-demand skills in the jobs’ market, outlines top 10 jobs that have seen a big rise in demand. During this quarter, these skills include: data analytics, virtual assistant, Microsoft Office, copy typing, transcription, Russian translation, bookkeeping, email handling, and customer support. The demand for dataanalytics skills increased by 58.9 percent while the demand for virtual assistants’ jobs rose by 55.6 percent in the quarter ending in September. 

“With the data analytics market forecast to grow to $275 Bn by 2023, the 58.9 percent growth (from 1114 to 1770 jobs) in demand on during the third quarter indicates a significant demand for crowdsourcing skills in this field to draw interpretations from data,” according to the report. The projects posted on include developing trading strategies, exploring business trends, etc. 

As far as the virtual assistants’ jobs are concerned, the demand rose from 7,925 jobs being posted to 12,329. These projects cover anything and everything from providing customer service to social media marketing and blog posting. 

Other skills that have seen a rise in demand include Microsoft Office, Copy Typing, Transcription, book writing , translation, etc. 

As the world becomes increasingly global and business is being conducted in multiple languages, the report also reveals a rise in the demand for jobs such as translating documents into Russian, English, Spanish, and French at the spots 7, 20, 21, and 24 respectively.

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