News: Could Facebook take on LinkedIn in the future?


Could Facebook take on LinkedIn in the future?

The social networking site has been slowly but steadily testing and rolling out features which would enable it to enter into the space of talent recruitment. Read on to know about the latest update.
Could Facebook take on LinkedIn in the future?

With latest media report of Facebook testing a new feature, LinkedIn might want to reconsider its position in the coming future. Facebook is in the process of testing the ‘resume’ feature which allows the job seekers over its platform to differentiate their personal and professional lives. Apparently, this feature will let the users create a completely different package which would combine all the information with respect to educational qualifications and job history of the person for the perusal of the recruitment managers.

This feature, though, currently is only in a testing mode and has only been rolled out to few of the individuals. Previously, Facebook had rolled out the job posting option for the Facebook Pages for it North American based organizations in February 2016. And the current test is being seen as a consequence of the same.

When the job posting feature had been rolled out for Canadian and American companies, the media had reported that the feature would lead to the companies gaining access to the private profiles of the people who had applied. One could control the information that was visible to the recruiter, but it is with this particular step that that one can completely control and also present the information that the job seeker would want the recruiter to see.

With this move, undeniably Facebook does not want to restrict itself to only being a social media platform but also wants venture into the space of talent acquisition and recruitment. Considering, as of now, the job postings on its platform are free as against the ones on LinkedIn and other dedicated job sites, this is surely an advantage for Facebook. Further, according to the initial reports after the rollout of the ‘job posting’ feature, it was mostly used by local and small businesses. And which would also imply a direct competition to ‘Google For Jobs’ as the designated target audience of the platform is bridge the gap between local recruiters and local job seekers.

Apparently, for people who have access to ‘Apply Job’ tab are able to see the jobs in their own user feed. This is allows greater visibility for the companies looking to recruit to prevent people from missing out on the job openings. But whether Facebook will be able to create an impact in the recruitment stage remains to be seen, as much would dependent on the evolution of its technology and the online user behavior of the users of the platform which is not just different from the people who use dedicated websites for job search but also varies from country to country.

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