News: Employee concerns grow despite limited AI use in workspaces: Survey


Employee concerns grow despite limited AI use in workspaces: Survey

Employers need to prioritise workplace satisfaction while introducing technological shifts, aiming for positive contributions to growth, happiness, and the general well-being of employees.
Employee concerns grow despite limited AI use in workspaces: Survey

As AI becomes more prevalent, employees are apprehensive about potential ramifications. Uncertainty about job security, career progression, and the changing nature of roles in the face of advancing technology has led to increased worry among workers.

A recent survey sparked discussions about the growing presence of AI in workplaces and its potential implications for careers. SurveyMonkey and CNBC shed light on insights from the latest Workforce survey.

The study revealed that only 30% of participants utilise AI in their workplaces. Surprisingly, over 40% expressed concerns about its potential negative effects on their careers.

Additionally, the survey highlighted that 50% of respondents wished for more workplace benefits such as healthcare premiums and catering services. However, only 30% reported receiving financial coaching at their workplace. 

Notably, 25% of Gen Z and 20% of Millennials felt compelled to invest independently due to inadequate workplace provisions, aiming for quicker gains to meet their short-term goals.

The survey, conducted by SurveyMonkey online in early December, encompassed more than 7,000 workers. Among those surveyed, 85% expressed contentment with their job, consistent with previous years. 

Despite this, 36% contemplated leaving their job in the past three months. The majority (72%) felt well-compensated and found their work meaningful (90%), while 71% credited positive workplace morale for improved performance.

Despite AI's limited prevalence, concerns about its potential negative impact on work are rising. This underscores the need for employers to consider workplace satisfaction when implementing technological changes, ensuring they positively impact growth, happiness, and overall well-being.

Other noteworthy findings include 30% of participants confirming the use of AI tools at work, predominantly among Gen Z and Millennials. Employees of colour, particularly of Asian and Black ethnicities, showed more AI usage compared to their White counterparts.

Industries like Research, Consultation, Logistics, Business, Finance, and Tech displayed higher AI usage. While 72% perceived AI as a productivity booster, 28% considered it a negative influence on their work.

Concerns about AI's future career impacts were expressed by 42%, especially those earning less than $50,000 annually and individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Interestingly, employees using AI expressed double the concern about its impact compared to non-users, emphasising the need for deeper consideration when integrating such technology in the workplace.

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