News: TCS and AWS team up to train 25,000 employees in Gen AI certifications


TCS and AWS team up to train 25,000 employees in Gen AI certifications

The collaboration is designed to support customers in uncovering and organising organisational knowledge. The objective is to extract valuable insights that can enhance their business decision-making processes or generate content.
TCS and AWS team up to train 25,000 employees in Gen AI certifications

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the Indian IT services firm, revealed the initiation of its AWS generative AI practice in a filing to the stock exchange. 

“To make generative AI deployment effective and trust-worthy, we must approach the technology holistically across multiple dimensions including creativity, productivity, and business value. Drawing from all the investments we have made in building deep capabilities in generative AI, our strong partnership with AWS, and contextual knowledge of our customers’ businesses, we help them take a comprehensive approach to realise the true potential of generative AI to drive their growth and transformation,” Krishna Mohan, Deputy Head of TCS AI.Cloud unit said, reported Business Today. 

The company made substantial investments in generative artificial intelligence. With a commitment to foundation training for more than 100,000 employees in generative AI, the company is now directing its efforts toward enhancing expertise. This includes a dedicated focus on certifying over 25,000 employees in AWS generative AI services.

“Generative AI is one of the most transformational technologies of our generation, allowing organisations to reimagine their customers’ experience, increase employees’ productivity, and enhance overall business operations,” said Vasi Philomin, Vice President of Generative AI at AWS. 

"AWS has been focused on making AI accessible to companies of all sizes and across industries, and by deepening the AWS and TCS relationship through the TCS generative AI practice, more customers can easily and quickly leverage and benefit from generative AI," the VP added.

In a statement, the company expressed that the newly formed partnership aims to assist customers in discovering and categorising organisational knowledge, extracting valuable insights to refine their business decision-making processes or generate content. Additionally, the solutions derived from this collaboration substantially improve both customer experience and employee productivity. 

As part of its commitment to boosting the efficiency of its clients' IT organisations, TCS will facilitate the deployment of Amazon CodeWhisperer. This tool offers generative AI-powered code recommendations directly to developers, streamlining their efforts and elevating the overall quality of their code.

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