News: Industry 4.0 is 'not simply about tech': SG Minister for Trade


Industry 4.0 is 'not simply about tech': SG Minister for Trade

Singapore’s strategy for the manufacturing sector and Industry 4.0 focuses on governmental and industrial partnerships. Educators, public agencies and private firms collaborate to develop tech.
Industry 4.0 is 'not simply about tech': SG Minister for Trade

Collaboration between the public and private sector is key to build the future of Singapore’s manufacturing sector, according to Koh Poh Koon, Singapore Senior Minister for Trade and Industry. 

A partnership between the Industrial, Internet of Things, Innovation (I3) Platform was started by A*Star as a combined effort to fast-track the adoption of IoT and smart technologies by businesses in Singapore. 

About 17 companies are on board with the I3 to implement smart technologies such as cybersecurity, data analytics and sensors in businesses including Rolls-Royce and local SME Genesis Networks. 

Technology is changing at a fast pace, Koh Poh Koon said. Making sure that Singapore ’s market, industries, and governments can work together and proactively prepare for Industry 4.0 should be the focus, he added. 

Wednesday proved to be a day when several organizational and public-private partnerships were announced at the International Transformation Asia-Pacific at Singapore Expo. 

An Advanced Manufacturing Continuing Education and Training Strategy been implemented to ensure skilled talent is retained and motivated to participate in advanced manufacturing. This initiative was undertaken by SkillsFuture Singapore.

SMEs will now be able to try out robotics technology in the Temasek Polytechnic and set up education programs to provide industrial expertise to the existing workforce through a partnership with the Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group (HRG). 

Singapore Polytechnic and Univac Precision Engineering will work together to design new workspaces and learning modules. 

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