News: Comprehensive health and productivity initiative launched by Panasonic

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Comprehensive health and productivity initiative launched by Panasonic

To ensure holistic prosperity of its employees, Panasonic India launched new employee wellness program after conducting internal survey of 700 employees.
Comprehensive health and productivity initiative launched by Panasonic

To foster overall development of the employees, Panasonic India launched new employee wellness program focusing on improving quality of work-life and overall health of employees by adopting various wellness strategies. The initiative rolled out is a part of the second phase of HR program that is aimed at building a committed and engaged and workforce. 

The strategies were adopted after an internal survey of over 700 employees on the dimensions of wellness and it was conducted by Panasonic India in collaboration with Human Capital Services. The findings helped the company to design the new engagement program ensuring the positive impact on employee’s wellness.

Manish Sharma, President and CEO Panasonic India & South Asia, said , “Panasonic believes in its founder Konosuke Matsushita’s philosophy that if a company is to succeed, its employees need to grow as human beings. At Panasonic, well-being of our people is at the core of all our activities both internally and externally. As we enter into our centenary year, our focus on initiatives built around an individual’s professional and personal growth will continue to expand. This next phase of Vibrant Panasonic program will help us demonstrate that the organization genuinely cares about the well-being of all the employees.” 

The new innovatively designed HR program on employee wellness will encourage holistic well-being including healthy eating, physical fitness, and mental wellness. Also, the initiative wants to provide a platform to employees where they can freely express ideas, thoughts, and opinions. 

Adarsh Mishra, CHRO Panasonic India, says , “We have been experiencing exponential growth over the last few years and it’s extremely important to make sure that our employees are well equipped to deal with this growth. The Vibrant Panasonic program will assist the employees in tackling elements such as mental and emotional health, social connectivity and sense of fulfillment on the job. Further, it will assist employees in realizing their individual characteristics which in-turn will enhance their overall development.” 

The wellness program, thus , envision will provide a great boost to all employees and will help in maximizing their true potential. Placing well-being at the core of the business, Panasonic India realigns people strategy inspiring employees to become the best versions of themselves. 


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