Research: Designing fair, sustainable, and measurable HiPo programs

Talent Acquisition

Designing fair, sustainable, and measurable HiPo programs

From scientific assessments to social hiring, inventive hiring practices have emerged and will lead the market in India
Designing fair, sustainable, and measurable HiPo programs

Among the several causes why a HiPo program is unable to realize its full potential is the fact that organisations are not investing in targeted efforts to put together the right processes for identifying, notifying, developing, and measuring a HiPo program. In May 2013 People Matters and Right Management conducted a series of events, including webinars, expert interviews, and knowledge sharing sessions to understand the state of high potential programs and share best practices among organisations in India. The events that were spread across a week revealed practitioner insights from several organisations and findings from Right Management’s latest global research on high potential programs.


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Topics: Talent Acquisition, Strategic HR, #HiPoWeek

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