Research: Understand the development strategy for your finance talent: ACCA

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Understand the development strategy for your finance talent: ACCA

This research by ACCA- People Matters delves into the key trends that are shaping the development of the finance function. Download the report to understand critical skills, and talent related factors in the context of the future of work
Understand the development strategy for your finance talent: ACCA

Businesses today are in a state of flux. With rapidly changing processes, making cost effective decisions and ensuring all different functions of the organisation perform in a manner that has a positive impact on the bottom line performance, is crucial. Finance teams have played a large role in facilitating this. But today, the function has a larger role to play.

The People Matters-ACCA Study on Developing Finance Talent aptly captures this sentiment. Today, finance teams have to also provide key business insights and focus on adding value to business decisions.

This research outlines:

  • The top 5 priorities for finance talent
  • Factors to consider while designing your talent strategy
  • Critical skills needed for the finance function
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