Video: Reconciling differences to build an inclusive workplace


Reconciling differences to build an inclusive workplace

In this exclusive fireside chat between industry leaders, we get expert insights on leading not just a DEI strategy but DEI transformation by moving away from metrics and focusing on meaningful, impactful change.


For any HR strategy to succeed, one of the best bets is to turn it into a business imperative by highlighting the benefits it brings to its people and the enterprise for the long term. But not all leaders agree with this. In conversation with Shashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India, industry leader Sunita Rebecca Cherian, Chief Culture Officer and Senior VP-HR, emphasises the importance of a moral imperative over a business imperative. 

While one cannot deny the indirect interrelation of DEI to desirable business outcomes, organisations must focus on ‘doing what is right.’ Indeed, there are different ways in which people discuss, deliberate and collaborate, but inclusion is a value that must be valued regardless of the statistics of diversity among your workforce. And this applies especially in the recruitment space, where people of all communities have equitable access to jobs. Still, the critical factor is employers' behaviour after the diversity-driven recruitment process. To truly achieve a sustainable, meaningful and impactful DEI transformation at the workplace, here are 3 action points DEI and Talent leaders must pay heed to:

  • Calling out biases
  • Knowing your stage of DEI growth
  • Learning the pulse of your people 

These form part of a framework where the organisations are not only intentional about their DEI but are driven to achieve real, sustainable change. After all, one can chase diversity benchmarks and rely on extensive statistics, but that is only a stepping stone to what more organisations can do to build a workplace that celebrates differences and strengthens an inclusive culture. 

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