Video: Successfully navigate today's workplace issue

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Successfully navigate today's workplace issue

One thing that empowers employees to produce great work.

As we enter 2016, an increasingly diverse workforce has taken charge in today’s employee-led economy. So how can leaders and HR professionals successfully navigate the changing workplace to build a culture that empowers all employees to produce great work? Join our September webinar as Christina Chau, O.C. Tanner’s global data researcher, shares insights about the differences within our organizations today—and the one thing that empowers employees around the globe to produce great work. Organizations and teams that know how to manage the chaos and change in today’s HR world are in on a secret: appreciation is the key to increasing feelings of wellbeing, trust, and empowering great work.

In this webinar organized by People Matters in association with Christina Chau, Manager, Research Services, O.C. Tanner spoke about the following points: 

  1. How to address the challenges of an increasingly diverse workforce
  2. Why recognition done right is crucial to inspiring great teams and great work
  3. The latest insights on the workplace trends of 2016 that will transform your onboarding, wellbeing, and recognition practices.
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