Video: Big Debate - Who holds the power, Innovation or Risk: Part 1

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Big Debate - Who holds the power, Innovation or Risk: Part 1

Two teams of experts take the centre stage to debate on "Who really holds the power - Innovation or Risk"

The discussion on “Who really holds the power? – Innovation or Risk” in the “Big Debate” brought stimulating and divergent views on risk-taking and innovation to the fore. With Pankaj Bansal as the moderator, the other panelists were split into 2 groups - Jyoti Rai, Mark Stelzner, Premlesh Machama and R. Rajnarayan who asserted that risk holds the power; and Madan Nagaldinne, Pavithram Nambiar, Rishi Rana, and Sanjeev Prasad who asserted that innovation must drive technology in HR. The panelists in favor of risk over innovation discussed the importance of risk-assessment for companies in the wake of a changing digital environment, where the risks are surrounding privacy, ensuring fairness and equity of decisions. The panel argued that technology has to be adopted in the backdrop of a risk framework. Risk can make or break brands. Risk-assessment is about ensuring the survival of business and avoiding and decreasing risks surrounding Human Capital and businesses both. The panel concluded that innovating is must but in a risk-free environment.

The opposing view of risk-takers was that without risk, there is no innovation! They articulated that the risk of not innovating is death and creating a culture of fear by constant risk-aversion. That was one of the four ‘D’s – Data, Disruption, Demand and Death, the panel talked about. Risk at the start makes it a non-starter and the ideas never materialize.

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