Video: Defining the ‘People Strategy’ for a Digital Age

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Defining the ‘People Strategy’ for a Digital Age

As organizations gear up for a digital transformation, the discussion has moved to defining a people strategy for the digital age.

Karan Bajwa, Managing Director – India, Microsoft, and Lyn Lee, Vice President – HR, Shell Business Operations on what  ‘Driving on Digital’ means and the need & strategy for it for organizations to be successful. Stressing on the fact that this is the age of transformation, and that there is a definite need to define a strategy for HR Tech and drive people agenda through technology, Karan disclosed the statistics by CEB on the willingness of the CHROs to adopt technology and transforming their operating models— with 50% of the CHROs wanting to bring innovation & change, and 46% wanting to transform their HR operating model. Karan emphasized on the fact that technology acts as an enabler when it comes to engagement and collaboration of the workforce and advocated that changing the engagement model/people strategy for generational and culturally diverse workforce is imperative, which can be done by using the ‘levers’ of people strategy—the power of communication, the power of data and the power of ‘one’. Communication rests on an environment where people feel empowered to voice their opinions and give feedback; ‘Data’ of the organization can provide actionable insights; and the power of ‘one’ which is the collaborative environment that technology fosters.

 Lyn stressed on the fact that the business landscape is undergoing a constant and dynamic change and technology becoming core when it comes to unleashing the human potential, she stated the fact that technology has changed the Maslow’s model of hierarchy. Lyn spoke on the myriad of possibilities that have engendered with technology taking the center stage and also touched upon the ‘other’ aspect of technology replacing humans. However, at the end, it was unanimously stated that technology is not about replacing people, but is about enabling, skilling and training human workforce.

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