Video: How organisations can invest in technology for innovating your learning journeys

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How organisations can invest in technology for innovating your learning journeys

The challenge is that we’re competing with puppy videos; the challenge is to create personalised learning opportunities where one chooses to invest in learning, shares Rohin Nadir of KPMG in an exclusive fireside chat with Ashish Jha of


In the face of rapidly changing skill demand, an organisation's best investment is in its competency-building strategies. As we discuss at length the emergence of new-age technologies, one cannot overlook how the digital learning world is also evolving. However, for leaders today, as technology becomes one of the critical enablers of innovation in the L&D space, the focus is always on impact. And this very impact rests on its people, so how do we inspire and encourage our employees to invest in their learning? How do we bring them to the learning platforms? Most importantly, how do we unlock their potential to lead the business transformation?

To find answers to these burning questions and more, Ashish Jha, CEO & Co-founder of and Rohin Nadir, Associate Partner-HR and National Head of Capability Development, KPMG get into an incredible conversation at People Matters TechHR 2022. Here are some of the key takeaways from their session:

  • Hyper-personalisation of L&D on a budget
  • Intelligent investment in Learn Tech
  • Driving adoption with proof of concept

The world of learning is truly changing to keep pace with the evolving skill demand. And while investments in learning technologies are on the rise, organisations will find successful outcomes only when intelligent investments are made, with the motive to invite learners to grow at their own pace while also meeting the market demand for new competencies. 

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