Video: How do short-term programs accelerate digital transformation?


How do short-term programs accelerate digital transformation?

People Matters and Oracle on alignment of short-term programs for business succession.

"There is no one giant step that does it, it is a lot of little steps" - Peter A. Cohen

To help accelerate the dynamic digital transformation agenda of the company, the HR function should pay special attention to its short-term programs (or micro HR transformations). 

Well-aligned short-term programs help businesses succeed. So, what are some success principles that companies can then adapt to make a lasting impact (on culture, mission and processes)? In this virtual panel featuring business and HR leaders, you will learn about real case studies, both successes and failures to understand key CHRO priorities. If you are a CHRO/HR professional in organizations with over 500+ employees involved in leading and facilitating HR transformation for the CHRO, this webcast is for you. 

Here's what the panel will cover:

1)How are short-term programs linked to the long-term transformation?

2)How do you plan for short-term talent interventions that align to the larger transformation agenda?

3)What are key success principles that will help you succeed?

4)What is the role of technology in this journey?

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Topics: Technology, Culture

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