Video: Fuelled by Opportunity - On Adani’s culture of learning

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Fuelled by Opportunity - On Adani’s culture of learning

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Watch this video where Dr. Malay Mahadevia, Director HR – Adani talks about what to look for while designing a strategy on digital learning, based on his experience of Adani’s business transformation journey.

Digital learning today can no longer be based on a ‘made for all’ vanilla approach. It needs to account for the culture, society and external environment that the business is operating in. The second important consideration is that learning should have a strong focus on customers.

There is a need for the employee to clearly understand ‘what and why’ of learning – as well as to have the ability to drive outcomes based on that learning. “You can have good seeds, but it also needs sunlight, water, and an external environment to flourish,” Dr. Malay said, while likening the process to learning.

There is always a dilemma of the right process of learning – “should one learn and then work or vice versa? Active learning is driven both ways – and one should learn as they work,” he said.

“At Adani, a lot of the business opportunities grew out of different business needs. Starting from a trading company to a shipping business and a power business, there was a need to exploit opportunities, learn and scale quickly. The success was rooted in passion, bias for action and a deep desire to learn,” he said.

Here’s what the video covers:

1. The culture of learning at Adani

2. How digital learning needs to supplement a learning culture?

3. What to look for while shorting digital learning tools?

4. What are the ingredients of success in mapping learning to business?

This talk was first presented at Skillsoft’s Perspectives 2020

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