Video: Hack to the Future A Gamified Digital Experience

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Hack to the Future A Gamified Digital Experience

Capt. Shantanu Chakravorty talks about the exciting world where learning is gamified

In this talk, Capt. Shantanu Chakravorty discusses various projects and interventions, at Cognizant and beyond, that aim to provide a gamified learning experience to learners. Various layers that help design the experience, and measure the results are discussed, and several interesting concepts like Near Field Communication, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Social Media scores etc. are explained. Capt. Shantanu makes an important differentiation between a game and the concept of gamification, and points out that the focus in the former is on the victory only, whereas in the latter, it is the journey and experience that matters.


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Topics: Learning & Development, #LAndDLeague

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