Video: Is your workplace ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

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Is your workplace ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Measure your organization's future-readiness based on these insights shared by Ashish Gupta, AVP, Corporate Business, Jigsaw Academy.

The importance of IoT as the driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution is no secret. Also, IoT is not a single new technology but a confluence of different technologies working in unison and it's evolving very fast. This makes it very challenging for hiring managers and L&D professionals to identify, train and deploy talent for various IoT projects. This talk aims to first demystify IoT and demonstrate how it is changing our lives, and then highlight the key technical and soft skills which our workforce will need to be trained on for successful IoT project deployments.

Speaker: Ashish Gupta, AVP--Corporate Business, Jigsaw Academy

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Topics: Learning & Development, #PMLnD

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