Video: People, culture & technology: A self-leadership approach

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People, culture & technology: A self-leadership approach

Catch Andrew Bryant, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach, as he talks about the concept of developing a self-leadership approach in the organization during the People Matters Learning & Development Conference 2019.

In a disruptive environment, people, technology, and culture have become the three driving forces for a company’s success. However, striking the right balance of all three forces determines how effective and sustainable a company can be in the digital era. Andrew Bryant CSP is a global influencer of self-leadership culture, where individuals take ownership and behave in ways to drive groups of shared intention to support learning, innovation and creativity. At the heart of self-leadership is autonomy or ownership. Self-leadership is the key to supporting innovation and adaptability to change and disruption. In this masterclass, he will delve deep on how leaders can leverage the self-leadership approach to foster learning and innovation.

Speaker: Andrew Bryant, Author, Speaker, Executive Coach

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Topics: Learning & Development, #PMLnD

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