Article: Fast Facts about Best Workplaces in Asia

#Asia's Best Workplaces 2015

Fast Facts about Best Workplaces in Asia

Here are some interesting data insights from the Great Place To Work® survey

More than 900 companies participated in national list studies in the 8 Asia-region countries where Great Place to Work© is represented. In 2014, we received over 330,000 responses to our Trust Index© survey in Asia, which represents nearly 1.8 million employees.

To be considered for the regional Best Workplaces in Asia list, a company must apply to – and be accepted on – a national Best Workplaces list. To be on a list, we analyse the results of two assessment tools: the Trust Index© and the Culture Audit© Management Questionnaire. Two-thirds of a company's workplace culture evaluation is based on the employee survey; one-third is based on the company's policies and practices, as measured in the Culture Audit.

From the companies that met our national list criteria, 303 were eligible to appear on our inaugural Best Workplaces in Asia list.



  1. Appeared on one national Best Workplaces list



  1. Appeared on at least two national Best Workplaces lists
  2. The company has at least 1,000 employees worldwide
  3. At least 40% of the company’s employees work outside the country where it is headquartered
  4. The company operates in at least 3 countries


Fast Facts about Best Workplaces in Asia

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