Article: Selectivity & partnering with the best: Bernard Garrette

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Selectivity & partnering with the best: Bernard Garrette

Bernard Garrette, Associate Dean, HEC Paris MBA, talks about creating great institutions with partnerships
Selectivity & partnering with the best: Bernard Garrette

Recruiting the world's best professors has enabled to create a pool of faculty who bring to class, their excellence in teaching and research


First of the four key factors essential for an outstanding business school is the quality of the school and its alumni network. HEC Paris is one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, and has the highest number of CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies of any European institution, including the new French President, Francois Hollande among its graduates. This strong alumni network, with camaraderie and a real sense of belonging to a supportive international community, adds to its quality.

The second factor is the learning environment. Since its creation in 1881, the focus has always been to set the highest academic standards in both research and teaching. Recruiting the world’s best professors has created a pool of professors who bring to class a combination of their excellence in teaching and research. The aim of the MBA program is to transform participants into global leaders by broadening their strategic thinking, building knowhow of the core fundamentals of business to be decisive and influential and forging ties with our elite global network.

The third factor is selectivity. As any great chef knows, the better the ingredients you work with the better the end result. As a consequence, the MBA program is among the most selective in Europe, attracting a diverse group of top students from more than 35 countries around the world. Though there is no quota, we offer places to individuals who stand out for their academic ability, the quality of their professional experience, and their international mindset.

And the fourth factor is partnerships. HEC Paris has close ties with many top business schools around the world. We offer double diplomas with the likes of NYU Stern, MIT and UCLA in the US, NUS in Singapore, Tsinghua in China, and IIM Ahmedabad in India. There is also an exchange program with IIM Bangalore and the Indian School of Business (ISB).

There is one final point that I think gives the MBA at HEC Paris an unique edge, and that is the length of the course. The MBA program is 16 months long. Keeping in mind the fact that many applicants are looking for a career switch, whether by sector, location or function, a 10-month program cannot achieve this because there is no time for an internship to try other career options. On the other hand, a 21-month program cannot offer a comparable ROI, given the tuition cost and the opportunity cost of not working for two years. The 16-month program offers the best of both worlds – the core fundamentals of business, a company experience, and the time to offer a specialization. One needs all these elements for a real transformation.

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