Article: Making your best campus recruitment campaign with Superset

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Making your best campus recruitment campaign with Superset

Superset’s one-stop platform gives companies and colleges alike the comprehensive suite of tools they need to make their campus recruitment efforts highly successful and efficient.
Making your best campus recruitment campaign with Superset

Imagine a campus recruitment season where you don’t need to send a single email or SMS, neither internally within your own company nor externally to the thousands of colleges and students.

Imagine a platform that lets you use the best of assessments and video technology all from within a single platform.

Imagine a place where your data resides securely and is not lost when a TA colleague leaves the company.

Imagine a portal where your data remains year-on-year, allowing you to run deep analytics and to plan your future strategy backed by facts.

I've been recruiting for almost a decade and during the latter half, I consulted companies on improving their Campus Recruitment Model,” says Kunal Bedarkar, Head of Corporate Business Development at Superset. “While a variety of tools exist that specialize in automating pieces of the campus recruitment puzzle, Superset is the first and only platform I’ve encountered that’s offering true end-to-end automation.”

Meeting students’ expectations of campus recruitment

Aon’s 2019 survey of 12,000 campus students, Not Just an Employability Report, clearly called out how students distinguish between top and other brands hiring from campus. Ever-online Millennials and Gen Z have a clear preference for companies when their engagement is ‘deeper’. Live projects, internships, on-campus drives, and hackathons are key differentiators for the top recruiters at campus.

Image: "Not Just an Employability Report"

So how does one stitch together a unique, well-branded, customized and engaging journey for students? Superset gives companies the tools to bring together all these elements that students today expect, and many more.  

At the same time, campus HR teams, and by extension every employee who is part of the candidate interview process, need a way to make their efforts more streamlined and efficient. Superset’s one-stop platform allows them to manage the campus recruitment lifecycle from a single window. It empowers companies to truly automate the campus recruitment process – with Ease, Innovation & Authenticity.

Placement or hiring process: a solution for everyone

The campus recruitment process is two-sided: on the one hand colleges need a good placement process to help them put their students forward, on the other hand companies need a good hiring process to find the best campus candidates.

Superset offers something for everyone. Colleges can use one version of the platform to automate their placement process, and in fact Superset currently has more than 750 paying partner colleges in India. 100 percent of the graduating batch in each partner college is active on the platform, engaging directly with companies. Additionally, Superset has painstakingly collated a directory of 24,000 colleges across the country from every stream of education and uploaded the placement or admin office information at the backend. 

Corporates, meanwhile, can use the other version of the platform to automate their campus hiring process. They can access the data from any of Superset’s 750 partner colleges (and even post jobs to college alumni for hiring talent with 1 - 2yrs of experience), or they can communicate with any of the remaining 24,000 colleges in just a few clicks. The platform then automatically manages their outreach. It handles everything from the creation of a brand microsite, to engagement, to online assessments and the management of large recruitment drives. It can even be used to conduct video interviews and finally roll out offers to the selected candidates.  

An “ATS on steroids” was my first impression – the platform addresses a real & present need,” says Kunal. “The “new normal” dictates that virtual hiring is here to stay and for the same, Superset ticks all the boxes on a TA leader’s wishlist.” 

The top benefits to take advantage of

Superset has received a phenomenal response from companies since its launch. In 2020 alone, at the height of the pandemic, over a dozen large corporations used the Superset platform to roll out more than 30,000 offers on campus. And just this year, Forbes listed Superset in its 30 under 30 Asia Enterprise Technology list.

Here are some most noteworthy benefits companies should keep an eye out for.

One-click outreach: Superset lets companies easily reach out to over 750 partner colleges and 24,000 campuses, giving them access to over 800,000 students. The process is now fully virtual, making access to information and managing conversations a lot easier!

Easy candidate engagement: The brand microsites created by the platform are easy to execute but have a great payoff in level and depth of engagement. Students can learn about your organization before they apply for a role, and pre-placement talks are passé – engagement journeys allow you to speak to students before the campus process and also post-offer rollout. 

Online assessments for shortlisting: Superset is assessment vendor agnostic and is open to integrate with any assessment vendor in the market. Assessments from leading companies like Aon (CoCubes) and SHL (Aspiring Minds) are already available.

DriveXTM Virtual Interview Drive Manager: Superset empowers panelists to self-register for interviews and automates reminders, creates virtual rooms, waiting rooms and chat rooms for seamless crowd management. 

Video Interviews: Superset’s video interview platform is powered by the world’s leading video interaction technology, providing a stable experience even at very low bandwidth. Also in-built are chat and group interview rooms, a coding simulator in 60+ languages and integrated custom feedback forms per JD. 

Keen to see the platform in action and automate your campus hiring season? Reach out to Kunal at

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