Article: 7 steps towards positive thinking to help you succeed


7 steps towards positive thinking to help you succeed

Our thought pattern is responsible for setting up the pace for the day and the work. Being positive helps in delivering the most toughest of projects on time.
7 steps towards positive thinking to help you succeed

Do you wake up energized & refreshed every morning or you wake up with a nagging bad feeling for the day ahead? Do you feel happy to go to work or you simply drag yourself to office? At the end of the day, do you feel weighed down by the problems you have encountered or you count your blessings? You would be surprised to know that our thought pattern is responsible for setting the pace for the day. An individual’s thinking is usually molded into a pattern by their nature and nurture.

Many researches have proved that our thinking pattern and mood swings have a direct impact on our health and on our work. The best news is that we can develop a positive thinking mindset by practicing some simple steps.

Stop the blame game

The moment we start blaming someone for an issue, we move away from resolving the issue. Nobody has ever won anything by playing blame game. In fact it breeds more negativity, destroys healthy relations and everything just spirals downwards. We should start thinking of ‘what-to-do-next’ to take care of the problem at hand. Have faith that each and every bad situation can be salvaged, if people work together. So, we should stop the blame game and be solution centric.

Arrange your life

A well planned and clutter less life gives a very positive outlook.  We should manage our finances and plan for future. We can also include simple routine of arranging things at our workstation, and at home. Clutter of any kind often results in stress. So clean the clutter and start afresh. 

Be more open

Sometimes when things don’t work, we tend to go into isolation. We avoid and often stop meeting people. This might further push us into a well of negative and detrimental thoughts. We should try to be more open to meeting and mixing with people. We can start by meeting friends, family and go out for picnic or outings. Spending some quality time with people we like can help us a lot in getting out from our negative thoughts. We may also discuss our issues with people who are close to us. This way we might get another perspective and if nothing else, it would help us in releasing our bottled up emotions. Once we do that, it would be easier to start moving in a positive direction.

Make a learning Plan

Learning of any kind makes people more accepting. They start understanding and appreciating different cultures, thoughts, people and so on. The more understanding people are, the more flexibility they acquire in life and work. Learning enhances people acumen, communication becomes easy and as a result positivity of an individual also increases. 

Lead a healthy life

Eating healthy food, exercising at least once in a day and keeping yourself mentally agile, are ways to maintain a healthy life-style. Good physical and mental health is a sure shot recipe to achieve positivity in life. 

Manage stress

The much sought after work-life-balance does not have an absolute formula for it. The challenges that can be handled by an individual, become opportunities for that person and the ones that can’t be handled, become stress factors. Research also claims that under some stress people work better but when the stress is too high, they are mimed and they stop behaving rationally. Find out stretchable opportunities and learn to say ‘no’ to distress.

Practice affirmations

Affirmation or positive self-talk is essential for well-being. In a world full of chaotic and contradictory ideas, self-belief often takes a back seat. Affirmations often re-wire and re-connect us with our positive belief. They strengthen our mental abilities and help us in achieving seemingly impossible goals. Make a ritual of practicing affirmations.

In the end, we must learn to love ourselves. Once we feel loved and confident, it becomes easier to have a positive outlook towards life. Stay cool, be happy and consciously move towards positivity. Don’t wait for the right time, just start working on it this very moment.


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