Article: Design the life you love!

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Design the life you love!

In a captivating interview with People Matters, Ayse Birsel designer, creative director, speaker and author of Design the Life You Love, tells us about her journey of becoming an industrial designer and how she extends her design principles to enable people & organizations to design a better future
Design the life you love!
Ayse Birsel is the co-founder and Creative Director of Birsel + Seck, an empathy-driven product design studio in New York City that partners with Fortune 500 clients to bring innovation to market. She has received numerous awards, including the IDEA Gold and ID Magazine Excellence Awards and her work features in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Ayse has been a speaker at the Aspen Design Conference, Design Indaba, AIGA, and IDSA Conferences. In this enticing conversation, Ayse shares the philosophy behind her design principles and how she uses her design process to create a meaningful life. “Life, just like a design problem, is full of constraints — time, money, age, location, and circumstances. You can’t have everything, so you have to be creative to make what you want and what you need co-exist. This requires thinking differently, like a designer. – Ayse Birsel  You wanted to be a lawye...
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