Article: A good EX comes down to open and transparent communication: Amelia Spencer

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A good EX comes down to open and transparent communication: Amelia Spencer

Amelia Spencer, Customer & Employee Experience Design lead at Optus, who will be speaking at the People Matters EX Virtual Conference, shares key focus areas and challenges while designing and delivering a good EX.
A good EX comes down to open and transparent communication: Amelia Spencer

The world is facing an ongoing challenge as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to create turbulence in our life and at work. Especially, the world of work as we know it is going to look drastically different from it is now. Thus, there is an imminent need to relook at our talent practices and how we can improve the experience of our employees during and post this global crisis. The People Matters EX Virtual Conference on 19th June is our endeavor to throw the spotlight on employee experience (EX) to reiterate its importance, especially in today’s changing times.

The Virtual Conference aims to spark ideas and initiate actions on accelerating the development of a consumer mindset to solving people & work challenges in order to attract and retain future talent, bolstering productivity and ultimately building happier workplaces. The conference will bring together experts who are leading the conversation on EX in their respective organizations. 

One such expert is Amelia Spencer, the Customer & Employee Experience Design lead at Optus. Starting her career in marketing, Amelia gravitated towards the niche of events marketing as she enjoyed meeting customers face-to-face & discussing how their experiences could be improved. In 2014 Amelia shifted from traditional marcom to the world of customer experience. No matter which industry or role, Amelia actively promotes the relationship between the “the 2 cs” - customers & culture. She has amassed considerable experience designing memorable customer & employee experiences within digital, retail & contact center environments. Amelia believes that all exceptional customer experiences start with an informed & happy workforce.

In an exclusive interaction with People Matters, Amelia shares key focus areas and challenges while designing and delivering a good EX. Here are a few excerpts:

What are key areas to focus on while designing a good EX?

Start by talking to your employees. Don’t just focus on entry-level or management; talk to everyone! Talk to the quiet ones, the vocal ones, the new ones, the ones with a long tenure. Run fun focus groups for large groups and offer one-on-one conversations. Find out what it is that you’re doing well and what could be done better. Look for common themes and design short term and long term actions. 

What are some of the ways in which Optus (Financial Services Team) reads the pulse of its employees to deliver a customized EX?

We normally rely on the following four methods-

• Focus groups (1:1)

• Focus groups (large groups)

• Anonymous surveys

• Visible action plan 

What could be some of the challenges in delivering a good EX despite a solid plan?

Forces outside of your direct control & a budget, of course! Organizational or leadership changes can be challenging but it really comes down to open and transparent communication.

How can leaders build in EX as a part of their business strategy to deliver real business outcomes?

This is dependent on the service you offer. In any case, consider what a good EX delivers for you & how it can impact your overall measures of success such as profit, customer experience, Average Handle Time (AHT), repeat business, word of mouth, less hiring fees, or less unplanned absences.

Amelia will be sharing her insights on how good EX led to a great CX within the Optus Financial Services Team at the Virtual Conference. 

To learn from her and other experts as to what it takes to create a world of incredible experiences, join us for the People Matters EX: A Virtual Conference on 19th June

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