Article: Improving engagement & innovation with a focus on wellness

Employee Engagement

Improving engagement & innovation with a focus on wellness

At People Matter’s Talent Rewards and Wellness Conclave 2021,’s Head of Growth & Marketing discussed how organisations can empower their employees to be happy and healthy in a professional environment.
Improving engagement & innovation with a focus on wellness

COVID-19 quarantine changed the way we live and perceive our future. It also compelled organisations to make the wellbeing of their employees - a priority. Though many wellness providers are on the rise to support employers and employees both, there is still a vacuum when it comes to how to improve engagement and innovation with an eagle eye focus on wellness. Here’s how :   

Trends that are shaping fitness and wellness as a whole 

Naresh Krishnaswamy,’s Head of Growth & Marketing, likened the rise of digital fitness to the rise of digital wallets during demonitisation. COVID-19 significantly accelerated the use of digital fitness among the masses and enabled them to do workouts without putting a foot out of their homes. 

It’s not a surprise that a generation of people woke up once the pandemic brought the world to a halt. During the quarantine and post the COVID-19 atmosphere, the heightened sense of awareness  for personal health and wellness has been observed among the masses. They are now conscious and understand the importance of having a good immunity and dependable mental strength.  

There has been a massive resurgence of fitness among people from all the age groups and it is definitely here to stay. As Naresh pointed out, people now want to be ahead of the curve in terms of wellness & wellbeing hence they are ready to adopt digital fitness and incorporate it in their daily lives.

Organisations and corporate relating fitness to people function

Organisations like eschew ideation by creating digital platforms that allow varied access for the users who are interested into fitness and drive mutual engagement by focussing on a holistic approach. Before the pandemic, a section of people who were into fitness but lacked conviction to regularly go to gyms and wellness centers, found themselves in an organisation setup where the fitness was brought to them through shared digital space.

 The organisation’s ability to connect wellness professionals with consumers has significant precedence which is driving engagement from the employees. The staff now feels appreciated and loved by the organisation, thus enabling mutual engagement through the platform and eliciting happiness among them.


Organisations need to remember that just creating a shared digital platform for fitness won’t work. It’s important to create flexible services to enable a one stop shop for holistic fitness deliveries. It’s also important that employee derived programs are set up to increase employee engagement and allow employees and employers to foster a positive relationship. 

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