Article: TechHR Masterclass: An unconventional approach to untangle complexity in teams and organisations

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TechHR Masterclass: An unconventional approach to untangle complexity in teams and organisations

The Constellations methodology, designed by Bert Hellinger, empowers people to release themselves from the bondage of the past and craft many beautiful tomorrows.
TechHR Masterclass: An unconventional approach to untangle complexity in teams and organisations

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern businesses and institutions, the intricacies of team dynamics and organisational structures often present multifaceted challenges.

To address these challenges successfully, we require a nuanced understanding and adept strategies that go beyond traditional approaches. Moreover, external influences, market shifts, and technological advancements further add layers of complexity, demanding adaptive and innovative responses.

In this context, it becomes imperative for individuals and entities to explore unconventional and insightful methodologies that allow us to unravel and address these complexities with precision. The Constellations methodology, originally designed by Bert Hellinger for personal therapy, emerges as a powerful tool that transcends its origins and proves remarkably effective in deciphering and transforming intricate team and organisational dynamics. By illuminating hidden patterns and shedding light on underlying systemic issues, this approach opens new avenues for understanding and intervention.

Revati Dighe, Transformation Coach, Facilitator of Systemic Constellation, helped people gain a better understanding of interpersonal connections and uncover solutions to complex problems in a masterclass during the tenth edition of TechHR India, held in Gurugram on August 3 and 4.

During her masterclass, Revati offered a unique opportunity to delve into this profound methodology, equipping participants with the tools and insights to unravel the intricacies of teams and organisations.

“By embracing the Constellations methodology, people gain a fresh perspective that empowers them to navigate complexities with heightened awareness, fostering harmonious relationships, unlocking hidden potentials, and driving transformative change,” said Revati who comes with 15 years of experience in human resources management and 7 years as a practicing therapist.

What is Organisation constellations

Developed by renowned German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, to perceive reality beyond our habits and mental frameworks, these constellations are a systematic approach that explores with a root cause analysis and gives insights towards a resolution.

This system allows us to become familiar with a model of the system that can help us identify hidden patterns and transform them effectively. Originally designed for personal therapy, this approach has expanded to encompass organisations, nature, and broader societal issues.

 Benefits of Organisation constellation

This solution-oriented approach allows you to empower and release yourself from the bondage of the past and craft many beautiful tomorrows. During her masterclass at the TecHR, she represented the constellation of employee, attrition, and manager by creating a visual map of the situation.

When put in a constellation, the manager realised the need to communicate with the employees who have resigned to arrest the attrition. Seeing the manager coming closer to her, the employee also felt the need to have communication with the manager to resolve the issues that made her resign. Seeing the manager coming closer to the employees to facilitate the communication attrition felt uncomfortable. Through this representation, Revati tried to make the audience understand the significance of communication. The manager also felt that the visual map or constellation made her think beyond the fixed ways to explore a root cause analysis and give insights towards a resolution and foster a better relationship with employees.

It is a modality that can be used to test, explore, illuminate, and resolve issues that challenge, confuse, or are hard to influence.

It gives a visceral experience, inclusivity, finds out the root cause, and enables insight, a solution mindset, and a fresh perspective.

Application of organisation constellation

The unconventional approach can be applied to explore the interplay which may be hidden, ignored, unnoticed yet sometimes in plain sight in key areas like:

  • Repeated or persistent issues
  • Business challenges
  • Facilitate change process
  • Working with conflict
  • Decision-making or its impact
  • Team building
  • Growth and development
  • To bring in a fresh perspective

When to apply

Systemic constellations are applied in situations where the origin of an issue or the appropriate solution remains unclear, previous efforts to introduce change have not been effective, or when there is a pressing concern, a feeling of being stagnant, or repetitive patterns evident within a system, either in its entirety or in specific parts.

During a systemic constellation session, a group or individual is facilitated by a trained practitioner to represent members or elements of the system, such as family members, organisations, or abstract concepts. These representatives stand in a physical arrangement, forming a "living map" of the system.

 Through this process, the systemic dynamics, relationships, and underlying emotional entanglements that may be contributing to issues or challenges in the system are revealed. This method aims to bring hidden truths and unresolved conflicts to light, fostering understanding and promoting healing.

Systemic constellations can be applied to various contexts, including family issues, personal relationships, organizational challenges, and even broader societal or cultural concerns. The goal is to bring about insight, reconciliation, and harmonious resolutions within the system to create a healthier and more balanced environment.

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