Article: Geography is becoming history: S. Varadarajan


Geography is becoming history: S. Varadarajan


Geography becoming history


The last 2-3 years have been extremely challenging for India in terms of managing the tremendous growth, business opportunities and the ongoing people challenges. However, we’re going to experience an era of unprecedented growth multiple times of what we have experienced till now. Over the years, ‘geography has become history’, that is, it has become very easy to serve those customers which were earlier out of our reach. Competition is now coming from companies we’d never thought could give large behemoths a run for their money. Labor markets are softening and this will imply that HR leaders will have to contribute toward strategically utilizing the human capital. HR leaders will have to build better line of focus on external customers of the business and move over to be true strategic partners and address the business challenges with equal élan.  

Topics: #ExpertViews, Leadership, C-Suite

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