Article: Digital and continuous education: A necessity in the Uber-ized world?

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Digital and continuous education: A necessity in the Uber-ized world?

At TechHR'17, Ronnie Screwvala, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist spoke passionately about why uberization of organizations will be futile if they don't create their unique culture.

Each organization is extremely unique, and templating things across the board is a huge challenge - to constantly say that uberization is happening everywhere, we need to be little caution about that. 

All organizations are unique and processes are unique to each and every organization, and it is important to cross-learn but all or are unique.

So, what is unique about Uber: the cab comes right to you, you can track it down on your app, you can pay for it online. But the overall assumption of processing the same in your organization is something that we need to be aware of. It is necessary to introspect if they are relevant to your organization or not. 

Secondly, there is a concept about jobs today, and it’s all going to be freelance. There are two different aspects to it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that successful business will essentially be the one which will have complete remote working options. But there will be elements of transition and transients.

There are 6 tenets which will not be Tech-bound but should be intrinsic to every company:

  • Building on the culture of the company: You need to think that how the culture of an organization is affected by the disengaged workforce or even outsourced employees. The no. 1 tenet of any organization for the next 100 years will be to develop a successful work culture. One of the biggest costs is how you are going to bring together a culture of an organization where everyone is looking to be working separately. And that is an extremely expensive exercise.

  • Accountability: Element of outsourcing has to strike incredible level of balance. No assignment is in silos and it requires 360-degree approach. 

  • A sense of ownership: Everyone in HR spends an incredible amount of time to build a sense of commitment, a level of ownership. Technology can bring a certain amount of it but it can also alienate that. So, if you are thinking your model of tomorrow is to encourage that and to quid pro quo with a lack of ownership, lack of cost saving, lack of attracting talent is at an extreme cost - ownership will be at much lower level.

  • Learning and How I am being inspired: what's my learning, and who is my inspiration - that's not gonna be replaced in next 100 years. such influx of tech, peer learning all elements of learning. we cannot work in a sandbox.

  • Collaboration: ROI is a real investment, all are intertwined/collaboration. Since younger generation is coming into the workforce, these things have to be contemporary to the younger generation.

The DNA of any organization is the flexibility and adaptability and hard calls are to be taken and HR needs to find answers to them. 

(This article is curated from the Session – “Digital & Continuous Education: A necessity in the age of Uber-ized work?” by Ronnie Screwvala. Click here to watch the complete session.)

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