Article: Be authentic, embrace a growth mindset and use this opportunity for self-discovery: Maneesh Menda advises emerging HR Leaders


Be authentic, embrace a growth mindset and use this opportunity for self-discovery: Maneesh Menda advises emerging HR Leaders

Explore the future of HR leadership with Maneesh Menda of NatWest Group as he shares insights on the key challenges and opportunities for HR leaders operating across diverse regions and cultures, essential strategies for creating a future-fit model of business and more.
Be authentic, embrace a growth mindset and use this opportunity for self-discovery: Maneesh Menda advises emerging HR Leaders

In our quest to recognise and celebrate future-forward HR leaders, we recently had an insightful conversation with Maneesh Menda, Head of HR, International Hubs at Natwest Group. Maneesh brings over three decades of global expertise across functions. With extensive international experience and a track record of leading transformations, culture and capability uplift, Maneesh is a key figure in shaping HR excellence.

As one of our coaches for the People Matters 'Are You in The List' 2024 awards powered by Aon, Maneesh plays a crucial role in identifying and nurturing emerging HR talent, all set to recognise bold, resilient, and future-forward leaders.

With a background spanning finance, risk, audit, operations, and HR, how has your diverse experience shaped your perspective on the evolving role of HR leadership, particularly in today's volatile business environment?

With the advent of a new era at work and experiencing industry-specific changes over the years across functions, I have a wider perspective on combining strategies to build a value-driven organisation. People focus remains a pivotal point of agility and empowerment and will always continue to operate along with other factors such as cost, revenue, and risk. Having worked in business, my decision-making is based on a combination of these factors, and I envision an evolving role for HR leaders that is not limited to just their function but also makes them architects of a thriving future-ready workplace delivering business outcomes, now more than ever.

As Head of HR, International Hubs, you have a unique perspective on global HR trends. What are some key challenges and opportunities you foresee for HR leaders operating across diverse regions and cultures?

Working with different cultures brings up some interesting challenges. Though business operating models may be similar, cultural nuances can keep us on our toes in a good way. For a global organisation like NatWest Group, it’s important to manage process standardisation, while respecting cultural sensitivities and customising for the region. Another benefit of working in a multi-geography setup is the sharing of best practices and learning from each other. A major global trend demands building meaningful relationships, focussing on future skills, and harnessing innovative solutions to inspire everyone to bring their best.

With your experience in leading cultural transformations and capability building, what strategies do you believe are essential for creating a future-fit model of business and work within organisations?

The days of being tethered to a desk are long gone. To stay ahead of our times and be future-ready, it’s imperative for organisations to empower employees by letting them bring their authentic selves to work and embrace a learning culture. Organisations need to invest in their people, and their skills, and empower them to thrive. It is also extremely important to create a culture of experimentation and reward risk-taking behaviours. With a multi-generational workforce, it’s imperative to create ways to maximise the potential of each generation by offering flexibility, gig opportunities, knowledge sharing programs like comprehensive coaching and reverse mentoring to champion their potential and accomplish organisational and individual goals.

People Matters Are You In The List Awards 2024 emphasises a rigorous evaluation process, including cognitive and personality assessments. How do you see the integration of such assessments influencing the identification of future HR leaders, and what advice would you give to aspirants navigating this process?

There are always many areas of focus to help build future leaders. Cognitive and personality assessment frameworks provide a holistic perspective to develop the right approach to leadership. My advice to aspirants is to be authentic and have a growth mindset. Take this as an opportunity for self-discovery, and gain constructive feedback and directives for continuous growth. Holding onto the right attitude, and sharing stories of resilience and strategic thinking are my top recommendations. Also, utilise this opportunity to build your network across industries and effectively leverage each other’s expertise.

In your role as a coach for the People Matters 'Are You in The List' 2024 awards, what excites you about this opportunity to guide young and aspiring HR professionals? How will you help them navigate the complexities of the HR landscape and emerge as bold, resilient leaders? 

I am really excited to be a part of their growth journey as I support them with my knowledge and experience, and I am also looking forward to learning from them. Learning is and forever will be a two-way street. My objective is to impart practical insights, help address areas of improvement, and instil a passion for creating positive organisational impact. It’s only together that we can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and shape a future where HR professionals thrive as influential leaders.

If you are eager to succeed as an HR leader and lead your teams in the face of the digital revolution, People Matters Are You In The List powered by Aon offers you a unique platform to hone your skills and get coaching from industry leaders like Maneesh Menda to unlock your growth journey. Register now before the online application closing date on March 17. 

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