Article: Thinking like a disruptor: Insights from leaders who changed the game


Thinking like a disruptor: Insights from leaders who changed the game

Here’s a rundown of compelling quotes from leaders that are and will remain relevant for the future of work.
Thinking like a disruptor: Insights from leaders who changed the game

As one looks beyond the next few years and the re-shaping of the workplaces, there’s that sense among each one of us that maybe, amid these disruptions, challenges and problems, we might be creating history that would dictate the next generation of work. While leaders have constantly spoken about the hurdles ahead and how to overcome it, somedays it might all just get too much. On those days, you need an inspiring idea that could change the way you percieve the future of work. 

As we begin the countdown to Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, People Matters TechHR India, we can’t help but go through some of the most inspiring quotes that have time and again, inspired us to change the game.  The idea has always been to become the answer and henceforth, make the modern workplaces as flexible, inclusive and dynamic as possible. 

If you don’t believe us, take reassurance from some of our past TechHR India speakers, who have some insightful lessons to impart. 

  • The global HR analyst Josh Bersin, in the recent past has emphasised on the changing management styles. He believes that management philosophy should be driven by productivity, wellness, and responsibility and HR and business leaders need to focus on growth and development of employees. 

Management Styles, Empowering Employees, josh bersin


  • Jason Averbook, Senior Partner, Global Leader Digital HR Strategy, Mercer has always believed that technology isn't about replacing people but making people and workplaces better equipped and supporting them. According to him, the critical steps for any transformation are: develop a strategy, deploy and sustain it.

Mercer, AI to replace humans, Innovation in HR, jason averbook


  • For Ann Cairns, Chair of Crown Agents Bank, Board Chair of Financial Alliance for Women and Chair of Supervisory Board, TMF Group, trust is everything. That’s why she informs organisations to build moments of trust with employees, partners, and stakeholders to ensure business sustainability and growth. 

trust at work, doing good deeds for business success, transparency at work, ann cairns


  • For Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico, and Chairman and Managing Director, Kaya Limited, he believes that while perfection is an essential tool in some industries, in others, you don’t need to be completely perfect as it may add only marginally to the quality of work. And if you do invest in it, you might lose out on time during a critical juncture. So, realise where it is that you need to draw the line for your organisation. 

Perfection: The perils and promises at work, Marico's journey to become the number 1, TechHR India, Harsh Mariwala


  • For Ira Gupta, who has been the CHRO, India and South Asia at Microsoft, one problem that has worried her is the urge for managers and leaders to be the ‘hero’, taking all the burdens of the team upon themselves. Her one solution is model, coach and care. 

Microsoft to revolutionise AI, Hero Syndrome in leaders, the pressures in the new world of work, Ira Gupta


  • Futurist Benjamin Pring, who is the Vice-President at Gartner, strongly believes that we've only scratched the surface of where technology is going to take us in the next few years. In these times, he reiterates the need for people to balance their ability to be present, to be productive, and contribute against their underlying sanity and humanity. 

Disconnected humans in a world connected by technology, nurturing the human spirit amid the AI revolution, Benjamin Pring


  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb agrees with the idea that organisations need to turn every threat into an opportunity to thrive today. The acclaimed author and risk expert strongly believes that volatility is great training to adapt to get better. And that indeed applies to organisations too. 

Volatility, turning every threat into opportunity, the art of the possible, risk expertise, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • For Dr Allan Church, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Maestro Consulting and a student of psychology and sociology, the truth is simple. If we want to be remembered by the future generations, we need to do good today. For him, if there is a good, science-based model that is well-integrated into an organisation and works for it, it doesn't need to change. But if change is necessary, it must be done in a well-considered and forward-thinking manner.

Building the future generations, why we need more forward thinkers in the world, Dr Allan Church

If you want to gain more lessons that break the patterns of your thinking and inspires you to do better, join us on August 1 and 2 for People Matters TechHR India at Leela Ambience, Gurugram. Register now!

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