Article: Podcast: Agility is the key to embrace the new normal


Podcast: Agility is the key to embrace the new normal

In this second episode of the series The Big Reset, listen to Rohit Thakur, CHRO, Paytm in conversation with Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters on why the need to embrace agility is more critical than ever.
Podcast: Agility is the key to embrace the new normal

 “The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” – Kakuzo Okakura

Although change can be uncomfortable, it is a constant and can become a driving force for the shifts we may need in our lives.

According t Rohit Thakur, CHRO, Paytm,  Those resistant to change will have a more challenging time in the coming years. In this exclusive podcast, Rohit spoke to Yasmin to delve deeper into why Adaptable is the way forward as we rewrite the playbook of HR and Work Tech as we prepare for the Big Reset and why People Matters TechHR India is the ultimate virtual conference where we will find answers to everything regarding this Big Reset!

As the conversation  progress, Rohit stresses on why stagnation is suffocating, fear is paralysing. When a storm hits our lives, adaptability becomes a powerful tool. The levels and layers within change (looming, or unexpected) make us more courageous and adaptable, giving us the opportunity to view life through a much wider lens.

He shares, "The need of the hour is not being fixed to what your business model is but being agile and seeing what your business model can be in future and being relevant."

On being aksed about how organizations can rewrite the playbook for HR and work, he shares "investing in digital" as one of the most critical levers to pull oneself out from the crisis.

COVID-19 has accelerated the Digital journey. The investment in HR Technoloy has shifted from nice to have to must to have, shares Rahul.

Rahul also shares his excitement as he gears up for People Matters TechHR India from August 10th-14th, stating, it is oneof the biggest conference in the country pertaining to everything technology at work and HR. He further states what makes this conference unique is the niche and innovative content brought by the People Matters team and deliver it in the best possible way.

When asked about why should one attend People Matters TechHR, he says in one line, "It is an ultimate forum to get hold of the new trends and updates on HR and technolohy." 

Listen to this interesting conversation between Rohit Thakur, CHRO, Paytm and Yasmin Taj, Senior Editor, People Matters where Rohit shares about rewriting the playbook of HR and Work Tech by being agileand adaptable.

Join us for the People Matters TechHR India Virtual Conference and help us in rewriting the playbook of HR and Work Tech, here.

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