Article: 5 Apps to keep you from procrastinating

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5 Apps to keep you from procrastinating

None of us can escape our obsession with gadgets and technology unless we really want to. We can spend hours on our devices and yet complain it wasnt enough. Here are 5 such apps that will boost our focus levels and make us more productive.
5 Apps to keep you from procrastinating

“These apps are useful for digital communication and are great for efficient time management. These apps enhance the productivity of the employees at the workplace and contribute to the overall progress of the companies by increasing productivity.”


It’s a brilliant app to block websites and desktop applications where you tend to ‘waste’ your time.  Through the app, you can create blacklists and whitelists. The latter will have websites that you can go to because work demands so. For example, if you have blocked Gmail, but you still want to use Google Drive, you can do that. In fact, once you’ve blocked a site (for whatever time period), you can’t bypass it even if you delete your browser caches and cookies or reboot your system! Similar to this is the Freedom app. Both work wonderfully and keep you from postponing work.  

Focus Writer

This one is an app that gives you a distraction-free, write-all-you-can environment. It has all the necessary features like spellcheck, tabbed docs, themes, word count etc., but in a hidden away interface. If you want you can access it by moving your mouse to the edges of your screen. So, if you want to really just write, this is the app you should use! There’s another app called Write or Die which you may want to try out. 

Tomato Timer

It’s a digital timer which is based on the Pomodoro technique developed by Francesco Cirillo. All you have to do is start the 25-minute timer and set yourself to do work in short sprints. At the end of the timer duration, you will get an audio notification during which you can click on either a long, 10-minute pause of a shorter one which is of 5-minutes. These breaks are rather quite important because they break the monotony, make you happier so that you resume work with more focus! An alternative to this app is Focus Booster. 


I’ll take a quick 10-minutes break to check Facebook, tweet, Instagram and then be get back to finishing the entire to-do list today!” Isn’t that what we keep telling ourselves? But with BaTo.Life, you can really limit your break to exactly what you told yourself. Just input the time you want to break for and then surf the internet. The app will automatically remind you of finishing your break and will shut down tabs you opened with one final alarm! 

Time Out

We don’t always procrastinate because we are scared of our to-do list. Sometimes it’s also because we are just tired of staring at the screen. That’s where an app like Time Out comes into the picture. Once every hour it reminds you to take a 10-minute break, or you could choose a micro, 15-seconds break every 15 minutes. But, there’s always an option of customizing breaks as and when you would like to take them. You can also check out some apps that remind you more than just to take a break. Take, for instance, StretchClock, Break Reminder, and Wherever Workout

From our end, we feel you are now ready to eliminate distractions with these super useful apps! If you are already using an app that’s not on our list, do let us know in the comments below. 

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