Article: Festive celebrations to relieve the COVID-19 haze at workplaces

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Festive celebrations to relieve the COVID-19 haze at workplaces

To make significant positive changes for their employees, organisations are striving to make the upcoming months a game-changing one for the entire workforce.
Festive celebrations to relieve the COVID-19 haze at workplaces

Optimism and engagement continue to take a front seat despite multiple phases of COVID-19 that have forced businesses to chart a new path forward and keep the potential transition at bay. Given the tailwinds and headwinds brought upon by the pandemic, organisations are finally breaking the step in their march back to the office by considering Hobson’s choice but to make modifications in our daily lives. From the conventional approach to work in the sanctity of the 40-hour week to the ideal of upward mobility, organisations are encouraging spaces by reimagining how work fits into a good life.

As the dust settles on the second phase of the outbreak, the realities have triggered new concerns for organisations regarding employees’ health, safety, and wellness. Framing ingenious policies, conviction, convenience, and costlessness have become increasingly important in the success of the overall business transformation. From modifying policies to managing the change, organisations are coming up with innovative measures to help their workforce perform effectively in any environment. Optimizing the changing workplace, physical proximity, and collaborations along with creativity clubbed with safety protocols have become the new normal for HR professionals in the corporate world.

To make significant positive changes for their employees, organisations are striving to make the upcoming months a game-changing one for the entire workforce. Engaging employee initiatives are the perfect opportunity for everyone to break away from the melancholy of daily work life. These are the events when employees spend time with each other without worrying about work. Workforce engagement represents the mental and emotional strength that employees feel toward their efforts, teams, and organisation. While initiatives start with individuals and their engagement with purpose, energy, and enthusiasm, it concludes in productivity, efficiency, and retention, and delivers business growth. Engagement chiefly eradicates barriers that prevent employees from doing their best and it leads to a sense of personal satisfaction. Furthermore, organisations can foster a culture of belongingness by creating multiple pathways for highlighting exceptional work. Encouraging the accomplishments of individuals and teams encourages them to strive and reminds them that organisation values their contributions.

Empathy has always been a critical skill and is now taking on a new level of meaning and priority. And to facilitate this, cultural celebrations do play a huge role in lifting the spirits of the employees. Celebrating festivals to complement the diversified culture at workplaces encourages motivation and promotes team building. Initiatives aimed at increasing diversity, and inclusion are an integral part that is driven by organisational culture and leadership objectives. It not only helps to break the monotony but also gives an opportunity to get acquainted beyond professional capacity. As much as adhering to preventive measures is important, it is equally critical to provide opportunities for employees to facilitate an environment of effective communication and collaboration that will empower, enhance, and build a positive environment in the office. Working towards improving employee engagement is crucial for creating a diverse and innovative environment of change and open dialogue.

Additionally, to help employees relieve their anxiety and stress levels, organisations are finding new avenues to keep their people engaged. Organizing various learning and development workshops and interactive sessions are bound to add value to the ‘People Centric’ approach. It is considered a unique opportunity for every company to promote motivation among employees and boost their morale.

Life has changed drastically for all of us, and organisations are working towards creating a kinder, more empathetic environment amid a changing work reality. Taking active steps in improving team skills, organisations are creating a culture that addresses and promotes inclusion. Creating an actual people-centric model as the foundation of talent development and culture, organisations are creating a fine mix of skills that build an ecosystem for engagement, happiness, and performance, and empathy tops the list and binds it all together.


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