Article: Four ideas to make hybrid Holi fun & relaxing

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Four ideas to make hybrid Holi fun & relaxing

Holi is around the corner and so are plans on how to celebrate the festival, especially in the hybrid work setup. As you wonder how to do holi right virtually, here are some ideas to fill your distributed hybrid work environment with the colours of conversation, compassion, and fun.
Four ideas to make hybrid Holi fun & relaxing

Holi is just a couple days away and workplaces are already buzzing with plans to celebrate the festival. While everyone surely misses the lavish lunch plans, playing holi on office terraces and corridors, inter and intra-team games, there are sure ways to retain the buzz and make hybrid holi as fun as in-person holi used to be. 

The world of work has spent a better part of the last two years trying to cope and keep the communication and connect alive among peers and leaders. Festivals have served as those occasional reminders to take a pause and bring back those moments of joy, even if virtually for most. 

As we inch closer to the festival of colours, here are some ideas to fill your distributed hybrid work environment with the colours of conversation, compassion, and fun. 

Setup those overdue conversations with your work BFF

How many times have you thought to call them but said after this meeting, after this email, after this week? Countless times and sharing that deserved dedicated time to connect with your colleagues, and yet the mundane routine kept you busy. This holi, let’s be intentional and make that call. Let the colour of conversation enhance the quality of your workplace relationships.

Let’s bring home Santa this Holi

Send your colleagues some delicious gifts. Remember where they ordered coffee from? Or which new place in their home town is helping them beat those 3pm hunger pangs? Add a splash of warmth with a sweet note telling them how they make work productive, fun and also tolerable on not so good days. Be a secret Santa or plan a virtual potluck, and bring that workplace holi celebration home or at a co-working space or at your office, wherever you all are.

Organise virtual games

It’s time for a virtual Happy Hour! The echo of laughter all over virtual screens is a reminder of how much fun it was to just disconnect from work and enjoy the simple joys of life - games. There are a plethora of virtually playable games that can broaden the smile on your team’s faces. If you need some help, here are some ideas:

  • Psych
  • Taboo
  • Charades
  • CodeName
  • AmongUs
  • Bingo
  • Team trivia
  • Pictionary
  • Name Place Animal Thing
  • Skribbl

Encourage making the most of the long weekend

Celebrating festivals is a personal choice. For many, a festival is less about the significance of the day and more about getting to spend quality time with family, friends, or even just some quiet personal time to recoup and relax. And what could be better than getting a long weekend for a festival? Encourage your colleagues and leaders to take a break, disconnect from work and spend this time to overcome the weeks of burnout the final quarter of this financial year has brought on them. And yes, you too do the same.

So, which hybrid holi colour are you keen to see at your workplace? Tell us in the comments.  

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