Article: How can hunger create an impact to drive innovation

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How can hunger create an impact to drive innovation

Understand how to spark a hunger in yourself and your teams to bring about more creativity and impact.
How can hunger create an impact to drive innovation

The human spirit is what is responsible for the technological evolution, innovation, and impact. The conversation between humans and technology is driven by the hunger to create an impact. However, what kind of hunger is the question. 

The story of every innovation begins with an individual’s hunger, and the reason one needs to explore one’s passion or desire is to understand how to bring about a change in their as well as other’s lives. It all starts with the want for more; needs, aspirations, and growth. Alternatively, it could be rephrased to, ‘What do I need to grow so as to achieve my aspirations?’ 

Nobody in the world wants your aspirations as much as you. This is why you need to take the first step. The idea is to build a team of extraordinary ‘I’s to create an extraordinary We. People are a series of stories that contribute to the way they think and behave. The human being shouldn’t be defined by others but designed by himself. However, the issues lie in the fact that today, most of us are living in a state of abundance, which limits us to our comfort zone. 

How then do we create hunger amidst abundance? 

  • Seeding the restless: Most of the best innovations have come at the most unexpected time and situations. It’s crucial to explore the ideas that might seem ‘off’ to others, but that’s when you can create something new. 
  • Disrupting certainty: Even though people talk about innovation and being different, not everyone takes active steps in doing so. Don’t lull yourself in a comfortable life but rather try new things that are sparked by creativity. 
  • Help other people discover their hunger: Limiting oneself to just their passion wouldn’t help as you need the help of those around you. There is a need to continuously make sure to get people around you as passionate as you are because otherwise, they cannot be the wind beneath your sails. 
  • Breaking the spell of disbelief: One of the critical things in life is to be ready to speak to your disbeliefs. Before convincing anyone else, it is essential first to make sure you have completely bought the idea. 
  • Ask questions: One of the best ways to fuel hunger is to provoke yourself by questioning aspects of life around you. Ready answers have never led anyone on the right path. 

The three simple steps to bring about a change is: 

  • Create hunger: Discover what is it that you like and go after it with full force. 
  • Break the cycle: Make it a habit to learn and unlearn to break the loop of routine and the cast you have set yourself into. 
  • Take the leap: As you want to innovate, you need to have the courage to jump beyond safety. 

As an organization, it is important to fuel an individual’s hunger for wanting more that will allow you to fuel long-term collective hunger. There is a need for continuous movement to break the static state of minds. As you move, new horizons appear that amplify the impact on lives. The differentiator between a person who delivers and a person who creates an impact is passion. 

(This article is based on the session, Hunger conversation by Aashish Vidyarthi, Founder, Aashish Vidyarthi & Associates Avid Miner, Actor, Traveller, Communicator, conducted at Tech HR 2019 organized by People Matters)

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