Article: How to work smart to stay ahead

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How to work smart to stay ahead

There is a power invested within each one of us to get ahead on the job. We just need to do the right things at the right time
How to work smart to stay ahead

Recognition for doing a good job and moving up the organization is always sought after by each and every employee.  However, this path is quite challenging and sometimes the road ahead is not clear.  Author Bonnie Marcus, in her book, The Politics of Promotion says that “You have to be willing and capable of adapting not only to get ahead, but also to stay ahead”.

Here are proven ways to work on, that can see your career skyrocket.  

Be pro-active and take on high profile projects 

Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give."

Just like school teachers prefer students who sit right up in front in class and raise their hands to answer questions freely, bosses prefer employees who readily volunteer to take on difficult and high-profile projects.  When you are seen as someone who wants to get things gone and does them well, then you will be the one who will be selected for promotions, bonuses and other accolades.

Fight the dissatisfaction 

A large number of people are not at all passionate about their work.  They have stories to tell about lazy colleagues, curse HR for dismal increments, hate their bosses and in general feel awful about their work. But for most people, the work situation that they are in is a choice they have made with a full understanding of what it entails.  They chose this line of work and it is important that they give it their 100%.  

Ellevest (an investing platform backed by tennis superstar Venus Williams) Founder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck, takes a stroll very often and listens to well-worn background music to get ideas and to combat the non-productive days and dissatisfaction days.

Find your mojo 

If you have made the choice of your line of work happily and take responsibility for it, then it becomes easy for you to enjoy your work.  Think about how your job gives meaning to your life, the kind of contributions that you can make and how it increases your self-worth.  Loving your work gives one immense satisfaction because we derive our identity from our work.  When President John F. Kennedy visited NASA in 1962, he stopped a Janitor and said “Hi, I am John Kennedy.  What are you doing?”  The Janitor responded, “Well, Mr. President, I am helping put a man on the moon”.  This is a classic example about being passionate about your work and doing it well.

Showcase your subject matter expertise 

Build your personal brand by promoting your expertise through Blogs or Twitter.  Keep a track record of your achievements.  Grab opportunities whenever they come your way to showcase your talent.  It could be a speaking opportunity or taking the lead during a foreign dignitary’s visit and showing them around the campus.  

Alternately, do not expect your boss to remember all the good that you have done.  Record all your achievements and present them to your manager at an appropriate time.  

Getting ahead in your career is definitely not an easy walk in the park.  It requires a lot of hard work.  Following some of the tips given above, you can eventually get to the top of your career.

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