Article: QR Tech: Increase your efficiency with these 3 tools


QR Tech: Increase your efficiency with these 3 tools

Viraj Kalra, Director & Cofounder of White Ladder Consulting, talks about 3 things that make him a more effective trainer
QR Tech: Increase your efficiency with these 3 tools

SOCIAL MEDIA: In the pre-training phase with every client I insist on getting access to profiles of all participants. An online search by name (on Facebook & Linkedin) helps me peep into the social and professional identities (images) of the said participants. This social media profiling of participants helps me customize my module to be that much more relevant and relatable to them.

BOOKS: I am a sucker for a good read - fiction or non-fiction irrespective! And I have a penchant for books that challenge universally accepted beliefs. Good training sessions do just that, challenge the participant to look at the obvious from a new perspective. My absolute favourites in recent times, as reference material and examples in trainings are Super Freakonomics, and What The Dog Saw.

TRAVEL: In my opinion - no book, no school or training program will educate you as much as your travel experiences will. Getting lost while driving through Norway in sub-zero temperatures, playing elbow-hockey with your co-passenger on a trans-Atlantic flight or being witness to a leopard charge at its prey at 2 AM as a reward for your patient four hour vigil; travel experiences like these make interesting examples of messages I am trying to drive home as a part of a training intervention.

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