Article: Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 1: Google

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Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 1: Google

Google has introduced several courses on mental health & emotional well-being
Top 10 MNCs in Asia-Rank 1: Google

Blurb: Headquarters: California, United States, CEO: Larry Page


No. of employees: 53,600


Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Since Google was founded in 1998, the company has grown to serve millions of people around the world.

The annual employee survey, Googlegeist, gives voice to every Googler. It’s a vehicle for transparency as every manager across the company gets a report on how the organization thinks they’re doing. All Googler managers have the option of sharing the manager reports with their teams or with all of Google. This past year, they encouraged more Google leaders, including most senior executives, to have their reports shared with the entire company by default. D.N. Prasad, a member of the Google APAC HR Leadership Team and is Director for Google People Services (GPS) in APAC, says, “At Google, we follow three principles–measure what matters, deliver surprising insights and make it lifeblood of the organization. These practices pave the way for what we categorize to be the mission of People Operations ‘Find them; Grow them; Keep them’. Further, our practices are fuelled by a deeper mission to make work better for everyone, everywhere.”

Google also took a similar bold approach to data transparency by shaking up various aspects of the performance management process. They peeled back the curtain on the performance rating distribution numbers by each organization within Google. They also shared the average tenure to promotion statistics -- in other words, the data behind how long it takes for Googlers to be promoted. These moves also kept senior leaders honest and calibrated across the company, meaning they could have more candid, data-driven conversations with their Googlers about tough and often opaque topics like promotion.

The Google Special Needs Network (SNN) is a group that supports and advocates for Googlers that have special needs, Googlers with a special needs family member or friend, and Googlers who simply care about helping in creating innovative or accessible products. Today SNN has around 450 members located across multiple offices. Google also offers extended insurance cover for parents of Indian employees working outside India.

Over the past year, Google has also introduced and expanded several courses on mental health and emotional well-being. Under ‘Search inside yourself course’, Googlers learn the theory and neuroscience of mindfulness, as well as work towards developing all five domains of emotional intelligence. Another course called gPause was launched in 2014 to promote mindfulness through various interventions including group sit, mindful meetings, mindfulness on the go, detachment days, author talks and other events. It is a thriving global community of Googlers practicing together regularly to cultivate sustainable high performance, personal growth and well-being. To help the world benefit from mindfulness, Google donates 0.50 USD per sit ($5K cap/quarter) to non-profits teaching mindfulness to school children, prisoners and veterans globally.

“Innovation & engagement can’t be owned or ordained. But one can create an environment where it will evolve organically. That’s what we have done at Google: Create a culture where people want to be innovative and have the freedom to do so. The office space—open, representative of a blend of organization and local cultures that facilitates open dialogues, exchange of ideas and social interactions is what makes the Google offices cool and Google a great place to work,” Prasad concluded.

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