Article: Employee happiness has replaced employee engagement as a critical determinant at work: Varun Sachdeva


Employee happiness has replaced employee engagement as a critical determinant at work: Varun Sachdeva

In conversations with Tech HR 2022 Speaker, Varun Sachdeva, APAC Recruitment and Business Leader, NLB Services, on how evolving employee preferences are reshaping the recruitment process.
Employee happiness has replaced employee engagement as a critical determinant at work: Varun Sachdeva

What pivotal shifts in employee preferences have led to companies refiguring how they attract and hire the right people? 

The work world has been tumultuous in the last couple of years. The onset of new work models has transformed the employee's perception of an ideal workplace. As a result, cultural and social implications have become more vital than ever. Employees now expect a diverse organization with an inclusive culture along with flexible workplaces. Companies, as a response, are revamping their hiring strategies by focusing more on enhancing the candidate experience and improving the employee value proposition. 

How have companies ramped their recruitment efforts in light of the changing employee preferences and demands? 

If we look at our partners, they have become more invested in the recruitment process, right from sourcing to onboarding. Adopting technology, data analytics, market insights, and expert partners have become a standard in the recruiter's domain. They are betting high on candidate experience and striving to shorten the submission to offer cycle time to a minimum. As a result, employers are pumping speed and quality into the recruitment process.

Labour market trends like the Great Resignation have resulted in companies entering a renewed 'war for talent.' How do you see the Talent Acquisition landscape evolve as companies hurry to address their skill demands?

The war for talent has made it evident that old-school recruiting doesn't cut it in our times. Attracting and retaining talent has moved beyond mere perks and decent remuneration. The market is currently employee-oriented, and companies are changing gears to get top talent. The talent acquisition landscape has become more skill-based than role-based. Recruiters are no longer after intensive experience level, like they used to be. Gig working, as a result, has flourished and become mainstream.

What strategic advantage do digital talent management solutions provide HR leaders today to better understand candidate requirements and build impactful practices to successfully hire, engage, and retain people?

Talent management partners can help streamline the hiring process by optimizing technology. They can enable companies to access a vetted talent community through data-rich dashboards. Talent partners can also use data analytics to match companies with candidates most suited for open positions and the companies they will join. For example, to make the recruitment process seamless, we at NLB Services also have end-to-end Hire-Train-Deploy mechanisms. Through this model, we deploy teams of experts to source, screen and hire talent suitable to the employers' requirements. Whether it is clearer job descriptions or implementing customized courseware and robust assessments, our processes merge with the employer's hiring goals and work through them from start to finish.

Similarly, various tools and platforms make the interview process smoother and hiccup-free.

Employee experience has become critical to building impactful talent management practices. How have companies responded to this growing demand? 

Companies have started viewing employees as customers, and new processes have become a consequence. As already mentioned, employee expectations are vital in talent management practices. Employers offer employees challenging and intellectually stimulating roles and keep track of their overall wellbeing. Recruiting talent is not enough; companies are now investing predominantly in retaining talent through constant upskilling, reskilling and flexibility. As a result, employee happiness has replaced employee engagement as a critical determinant at work.

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