Article: Tata Motors' new upskilling plan in the EV revolution


Tata Motors' new upskilling plan in the EV revolution

The car maker, aiming to boost its electric vehicle portfolio's share of sales from 12% to 25% by the end of FY2027, plans to equip half of its workforce with advanced automotive technology skills by 2028.
Tata Motors' new upskilling plan in the EV revolution

In a bid to stay at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution and the evolving automotive landscape, Tata Motors, one of India’s leading automobile manufacturer, is rolling out an extensive upskilling strategy. Geared towards creating a workforce adept in handling cutting-edge technologies, the upskilling strategy involves delivering technical skills, functional expertise, and crucial managerial and leadership capabilities.

The company which plans to increase its EV portfolio’s contribution to sales from 12% to 25% by the end of FY2027 and to 50% by 2030, has set an ambitious aspiration of equipping over 50% of its workforce with new age auto tech capabilities within 5-years. 

Sitaram Kandi, Vice President – HR, Passenger Vehicles and Electric Vehicles, said, “a dynamically evolving industry like ours mandates consistent upskilling and training to remain ahead of the curve and future ready.”

The company disclosed in a press briefing today that in FY23, it dedicated an 3,40,000 hours to specialised training and development for its employees. 

Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders such as ARAI, Bosch, Mathworks, SAE, Tata Technologies Limited, and others, Tata Motors ensures its employees receive professional certification in Connected, Electric, Shared, and Safe (CESS) technologies. These certifications cover a range of advanced topics including ADAS, Battery Technology, Cybersecurity, and more. 

The car maker has partnered with institutions like BITS Pilani, MIT-ADT University Pune, and others, offering specialized programmes that enable employees to further refine their technical, professional, and leadership skills.

With specific provisions for shopfloor technicians, this initiative plans to empower them to pursue a 'Diploma in Engineering' with a focus on auto electrical and electronics, mechatronics, and specialized welding skills - qualifications that are pivotal for advancement in the automotive industry.

Upskilling ex-Ford employees 

Following the acquisition of the Ford India facility at Sanand in January 2023, Tata Motors partnered with Gujarat's Ganpat University to upskill 100% of the newly acquired workforce. Learning programmes, designed in collaboration with Tata Motors, focus on the latest manufacturing technologies, including Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, and more.

These courses, which began in February 2023, are being enthusiastically pursued by over 820 employees.

The TCF assembly line in their Pune Plant is entirely operated and managed by women employees, the company said. 

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