Article: The future of HR: CEB's Annual CHRO survey

Strategic HR

The future of HR: CEB's Annual CHRO survey

CEB's Future of HR surveyed heads of HR from organizations around the world to assess their priorities and expected challenges in 2017
The future of HR: CEB's Annual CHRO survey

This survey conducted by CEB provides an outlook on what HR leaders really priortize and what they consider as a challenge.

Focus areas

  1. Creating a strategy-aligned culture

  2. Succeeding under pressure

  3. Cross-functional CHRO

  4. New frontier of board relationships


  1. Leadership performance is amongst the top priority for HR

  2. 56% of HR heads agree that board understands the talent issues affecting the companies financial performance

  3. 84% CHRO say partnering with CFO is very important. 


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