Article: Emerging HR Tech Startups – Zenseek, Autogram, Recruber

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Emerging HR Tech Startups – Zenseek, Autogram, Recruber

Here is a list of companies that are leveraging HR technology to solve talent challenges
Emerging HR Tech Startups – Zenseek, Autogram, Recruber

At this year's People Matters TechHR’17, a program was designed for 27 emerging HR Technology start-ups. The initiative aimed at providing a platform for start-ups and mentors including investors and senior HR and business leaders. Continuing with our ongoing series on the emerging HR tech startups, here is the next article which features three startups and their product offerings that provide solutions to HR challenges through technology.

HR Tech Startups


Startup Name: Zenseek

Team Size: 1-10 employees

Raise funding: Has not raised funding yet

Client Size: 12

About product offering: Zenseek is a product based on positive psychology, behavioral science and data analytics. It allows one to identify and track moods on a regular basis, garner greater insights about an individual and provide them with highly effective and engaging activities, education and games that help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Elevator pitch: The product is designed as a technology enabler to democratize behavioral healthcare. The impact expected (from the client’s perspective) is to understand the mood of each cluster in their organization. The focus is on individual awareness of better healthcare without bearing the stigma of mental healthcare. Designed using gamification principles, Zenseek dices analytics across departments and gives the much-needed edge to the leadership and the management. Zenseek provides anti-stress, anti-anxiety activities across mindfulness and also cognitive based behavioral exercises. The future belongs to the mind fit and mindful employee experience.


Startup Name: Autogram

Team Size: 1-10 employees

Founded: 2010

Raise funding:  Not raised funding yet

Client Size: Unknown

About product offering: Autogram is an audio visual resume and digital recruitment platform.

Elevator pitch: Resume is not our personality. It does not reflect our body language, our behavior towards people. And all of this matters.  Autogram is trying to change the resume format. Autogram is an audio-visual resume format which allows a deep insight into the candidate’s body language and behavior, personality and career and extracurricular activities. The biggest problem today for the corporates; and that we are trying to solve is hiring good quality people across many locations in the minimum possible time. And also since the process itself is extremely exhaustive for the candidate, it ensures that the candidate who applies for the job is very serious. All job portals in the market are about text-based resumes which don’t give any useful insight about the candidate. With autogram, we can solve this problem. Revenue model: it is free for candidates, we charge companies for the end-to-end recruitment solutions. Our mission is that strong candidates from small towns must not lose out to ordinary candidates from large cities. Everyone and everybody should be able to show how good they are and able to get their dream job.


Startup Name: 

Team Size: 1-10

Raise funding: Not raised funding yet

Client Size:  Unknown

Founder: 2016

About product offerings: Recruber blends technology with intelligence to deliver an integrated talent sourcing solution

Elevator pitch: Recruiting is still an art. We are strategizing different ways to bring about predictability in hiring for organizations. The key challenge that we see is inefficiency. Recruiters are going after resume after resume and a lot of time is being wasted, redundant data entry work and lakhs of database entries are being created for some organizations, while some have no database. The need of the hour is a holistic solution and integrated platform. And we have made that simple. We are talking about reaching out to the talent universe and get to the 20 best profiles that are there. Can that happen in a jiffy with the least turnaround time and cost? And this is where recruber comes in. Technology solutions do not suffice; you need to optimize practices on the platform and as well as help in terms of reaching out. Highly scalable solution which cuts across industry verticals and works with organizations across verticals. There are multiple channels but the operative word here is curate. Apart from curation from different channels, Recruber offers functional, simple, candidate lifecycle management and maps it. Recruber sits between the sources and the ATSs in the market.

(Note: This article is a series on HR Tech Startups. There is no ranking involved. The information about start-ups is as per a submission and presentation by startups at the People Matters TechHR Spotlight program)

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