Article: Gamifying learning & training


Gamifying learning & training

Playday uses game mechanics such as badges and medals to enhance intrinsic employee motivation and engages the user
Gamifying learning & training

Playday is an online gamified platform by DayBreak GLS that enterprises love to use for e-induction, online training and assessments. It uses game mechanics such as badges, medals, certificates and leaderboards to enhance intrinsic employee motivation and engages the user to increase enterprise software adoption. Detailed reporting makes it easy to track real-time results and make strategic decisions to help produce better ROI for your future trainings and campaigns.

Key differentiator: The addressable global market that DayBreak engages in is the large Training market worth $13 billion, with leaders such as Skillsoft and Callidus Cloud. DayBreak’s competitive advantage lies in the product’s ability to engage and motivate users to achieve training completion by capitalizing on behaviour psychology, using gamification elements. An analytics driven technology product combined with game mechanics provides DayBreak GLS the first mover advantage in India’s gamified learning space.

Source of inspiration: As a company that had successfully hosted quizzes across the country and used quizzing as a tool to solve business problems for HR and Marketing teams, it was a natural progression for us to scale to reach a larger audience in enterprises and the best solution for the same was a technological product that could engage and motivate employees.

Spotlight Awards to you means: A LOT!! Winning the Spotlight Award from a media giant such as People Matters would not only be a great source of credibility to partners, clients and investors but also be a great motivator internally, making the team proud of being part of this dynamic industry and company.

Biggest challenges & key learnings: Get the right talent that fits into the organization culture. Align individual goals to org goals and create a culture of “Screw It, Let’s Do It!” Access to decision makers at large enterprises. Our key learnings have been: Hire for attitude and then teach business aptitude. Look for the entrepreneurial spirit in each member. Finding such talent off course is the most difficult but anything less would not work. Deliver outstanding customer experience. Good is not good enough. A happy customer is a huge asset to the company.

Future of technology in HR: Continuous innovations in technology will fundamentally change the way HR work is accomplished. Technology will not only free HR from administration but also be the vehicle to leverage information about the workforce and make better business decisions with the large amount of data available to the HR team. We also believe that technology will revolutionize Rewards in Enterprises as deeper insights will make it possible to design and administer complex reward schemes thus resulting in a highly.

Message for the HR community: HR is the flag bearer of a company in terms of building a preferred employer brand, hiring the right talent, managing/developing leaders and making it the company that people feel happy to go to every morning. Our message would be to drive organizational learning by leveraging technology in social, web based or mobile. Because with more and more millennials joining the workforce, technology adoption is the difference between low v/s high employee engagement and learning.

DayBreak GLS, a QuizWorks brand, is a participant in the Spotlight Awards 2014, which will be held on 22nd August, 2014.

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