Article: Meet these 5 emerging HR tech startups at People Matters TechHR 2020


Meet these 5 emerging HR tech startups at People Matters TechHR 2020

PerspectAI, Coursmy,, Caprice Cloud Solutions Pvt Ltd, and Vyakta Consulting Services Pvt Ltd: Meet these 5 emerging HR & Work Tech startups at People Matters TechHR India 2020.
Meet these 5 emerging HR tech startups at People Matters TechHR 2020

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has accelerated the pace of digital transformation and created a great scope for HR and work tech startups to flourish, as organizations redesign the way they work and operate in a physical/virtual environment. 

It is safe to say that intelligent automation will become a key component for any company to ensure business continuity and will play a significant role in augmenting the power of the human workforce. But to be able to make the most of this opportunity and gain a competitive advantage, HR and WorkTech startups have to focus more on value creation and problem solving for the future.

For startups who aim to be at the forefront of this opportunity, People Matters TechHR Startup program 2020 is just the right forum to connect with all the players of the HR and Work ecosystem. 

Here are 5 emerging HR and Work tech startups who have joined this learning journey and have become the part of People Matters TecHR Startup Program India 2020:

PerspectAI: A Game-based Assessment Platform for 21st Century Skills

Found in the year: 2017

Founded by: Jignesh Talasila, Sai Suraj Vanka & Dr. Puranjaya Singh (Ex-Chief of Psychology - Mercer Mettl)

Key problems addressed by the solution: Boring and Lengthy Assessments | Long and Tedious Screening Process | Quick and Actionable Insights on Candidate-job Fit

With most organizations operating remotely, hiring has become more tech-driven and has gone almost completely digital. PerspectAI helps such organizations discover the true potential of the candidates using their proprietary GDP model- Game Science, Data Science, and People Science.

Using robust psychometrics, they break-down the most relevant 21st-century skills into measurable Cognitive Abilities, Personality Traits, Work Motives, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication skills. While their fun and engaging games offer great candidate experience, their bias-free AI and algorithms provide multi-dimensional insights for employee productivity and retention.  

To identify the right talent, HR leaders will look for solutions that help them predict the on-job performance of the candidates and hire the ones meeting the success criteria. And PerspectAI helps organizations with these insights. It is on a mission to bridge the potential to performance, making employment meaningful for both companies and individuals.

Learn more about PerspectAI & its solutions at People Matters TechHR India 2020

Coursmy: A ‘L&D-tech” SaaS startup for upskilling & career development opportunities

Founded in the year: 2018

Founded by: Amit Singh

Key problems addressed by the solution: Workforce challenges - Changing work role, Changing Workforce & digital transformation 

As learning in the flow of work becomes a critical element for individual and organizational excellence in the new reality of work, HR and business leaders are looking for efficient solutions that help them build this learning ecosystem. 

Hence, Coursmy strives to help organizations create this learning ecosystem which promotes a strong learning culture, an environment of seamless learning, improved employee engagement and increased functional capabilities through democratization of content and socialization of learners.

Experiential Coursmy’s learning solution & meet its founders at People Matters TechHR India 2020 Helping organizations increase performance, loyalty & satisfaction of employees via remote 1:1 executive coaching at scale

Found in the year: 2020

Founded by: Aishwarya Goel, Gaurav Jhunjhnuwala

Key problems addressed by the solution: Scalability, affordability, and justifying clear ROI to bring behavioral change through coaching across employee levels.

PeakPerformer provides remote one-to-one executive coaching that empowers employees to unlock their true potential with the help of our highly qualified, experienced, and pre-vetted coaches. It helps them build skills like resilience, emotional intelligence, and the ability to cope with the change.

Some of its key features include Customized Learning, Quality & Pre-vetted executive Coaches, Unlimited access & focussed Assessments, and Measured Impact. 

Learn more about Peak Performer’s coaching solution at People Matters TechHR India 2020

Verifymate: Blockchain enabled credentials (employment, education qualification and training certificates) verification platform

Found in the year: 2018

Founded by: Chandra Kumar Sivasubramaniam, Sridhana Senthilkumar & Suryakumaran Sivakumaran

Key problems addressed by the solution: Helps identify fake employee experience and credentials

VerifyMate links all documents into a single unique ID and enables recruiters, HR and business leaders to use it for reference anywhere. It is also integrated with the National Identity system to ensure that real verification is done during the registration process for both employees and verifiers.

This HR tech startup derives social scoring using its unique machine learning model to highlight the characteristics of the individual based on public feedback, recommendations, and individual's interest. 

With its blockchain enabled solution Verifymate seeks to enable each individual to hold a digital resume, which is verified and preserved for ages without needing another verification and notary. On the other hand, for the employers and recruiters, it aims to ensure a quick turn around of candidate profile assessment during the candidate application stage and enable right hire from day one.

Meet Verifymate’s team and learn more about its solution at People Matters TechHR Singapore 2020

Vyakta Consulting Services Pvt Ltd.: AI/ML based personalized communication coach for working professionals (Freshers to CxOs)

Found in the year: 2018

Founded by: Ashish Kumar Jha

Key problems addressed by the solution: Affordable, Available and Adaptable learning product to develop broad-spectrum communication skills

The team at Vyakta believes that the quality of work life is critical to a creative existence of the humankind. The work life offers In a day and age, where the world faces the critical questions of sustenance amidst many global adversities and unprecedented challenges. To be better prepared to face these adversities and thrive in uncertain times, it focuses on helping the workforce build the capabilities that enable them to effectively carry messages and emotions across in different situations.

Through a single platform, predictability modules, and active tracking Vyakta aims to help companies strengthen their coaching process. 

Learn more about its solutions at People Matters TechHR India 2020

If you are an entrepreneur of an early-stage startup with cutting-edge People & Work Tech solutions, then join these emerging startups, and click here to take the first step towards transformation & success with People Matters TechHR Startup Program. 

If you are a talent leader who is looking for innovative and effective HR & work tech solutions, then don’t miss out on registering for People Matters TechHR India 2020, a four-day learning journey, comprising many cutting edge HR tech solutions and HR tech experts. 

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