Article: Moving change at the grassroot level

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Moving change at the grassroot level

What is the shift that technology is bringing? How does change happen today? In a huddle during the Pre-conference at TechHR 2016, the following aspects of driving change were discussed
Moving change at the grassroot level

TechHR 2016 commenced with a Pre-conference which saw the participation of various thought leaders who discussed the challenges that the organizations face in today’s dynamic business environment. The highlight of the Pre-Conference included the huddles where the community brainstormed to gather solutions for some peculiar challenges. 

We are living in the times where there is not a wave but a digital tsunami that has taken over businesses and organizations. Technology is changing everything. The experiences that we all have grown up with are different from what the digital demands today. And this change needs to be driven at the grassroot level. But how are we driving this change? Is the HR able to drive this change?

Putting across or communicating change does not need to be a directive anymore. Understanding the need of the employees and what the employees opt for or not should be the priority of the organizations and this tells a lot. 

There is the need of a common purpose that binds people together. The community as a whole needs to be leveraged to address challenges. And in this, technology can be used as an enabler to create conversations that trigger change. 

With a boundaryless talent, the need for organizations to effectively move change at the grassroot level is a big challenge. But when you drive change, there are actually two things that need focus —

  • • Skill – which is “how do I progress”
  • • Will – which is “the motivation to drive change” 

If the focus is on will, the skill will follow. Essentially in a digital world, skill keeps shifting. So there is no way to address that in totality, which brings to the second element, that centers on how do you drive change through getting people across the organization and providing an external perspective. 

Leveraging ideas from wherever you can get them is the best possible solution. And this has to be a continuous process and not episodic. And therefore that’s what keeps the change flowing. The final element is to leverage technology to find the connectors and influencers across the organization. `

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