Article: The rise of tech jobs in 2020


The rise of tech jobs in 2020

The advent of tech changes across the business ecosystem is poised to create a lot of jobs. We take a look at some the trends that will dominate the tech landscape in the coming years.
The rise of tech jobs in 2020

The Indian tech industry has played a vital role in creating jobs over the past decades within the Indian economy. It has also been on the edge when it comes to adopting new-age technology to improve their business models and make them more efficient. The latter today has meant the nature of jobs the industry has created over the years differ considerably. One such major development has been the rise in the use of AI and blockchain across business processes.

According to a report by the Indian Staffing Federation (ISF), beginning from next year, the tech industry will add another three million new jobs in the next five years. This highlights the extent of such a boom adding that the additions, the size of the country’s tech army will be 7 million by 2023.

This growth in the number of technologically qualified professionals in the coming year would find employment in not only the tech facing sectors like IT and ITes but also others like BFSI, manufacturing, automobile, etc. Even within tech portfolios, reports suggest that some areas of proficiency would be in greater demand.

While the demand for tech profiles has been growing ever since the boom of the internet, the current period of business growth has been marked with rapid changes in the business landscape. The application of digital tech has transformed how businesses operate and today firms find themselves in need of talent with niche skills. But fields such as AI and blockchain —within the larger ambit of business application of tech— are projected to create a large number of jobs in the coming year.

Blockchain jobs boom

Blockchain developers, artificial intelligence specialists, and JavaScript developers are the top three emerging jobs in India for 2020, according to a report by LinkedIn. While tech jobs led the list, non-tech jobs, like customer success specialists, digital marketing specialists and lead generation specialists, had also seen a significant rise on this year’s list, said the “Emerging Jobs 2020 Report”.

The scope of AI in today’s often turbulent business ecosystem is immense, further solidifying the need of professionals equipped with the right skills to meet such a business demand. Reports show how CEOs across tech firms anticipate AI to have a significant impact on the nature of businesses with many already starting to implement  AI-related initiatives in their organizations. Although the use of AI remains at a nascent stage, its business application is going to grow in the coming years, thus enabling companies that move first to gain valuable experience of running AI systems across their various functions.

The application and scope of blockchain in improving not just the banking sector but other sectors as well legitimize its growing demand within India. With the scope of digital platforms and transactions growing, blockchain can help improve both the security and ease of business considerably.  

Ruchee Anand, Head of Talent Solutions and Learning Solutions – India, LinkedIn in a press statement added that the “country is seeing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore industries are ramping up investments in Blockchain.

While tech jobs ruled the list, soft skills, like account management and customer retention, had also become critical, Anand said and added, it underscored the importance of human intervention at every level of digitization.

LinkedIn has crunched data from billions of interactions of the platform’s 62 million members in India to establish the fastest-growing jobs in the Indian talent market.

Robotic process automation consultant, back-end developer, growth manager, site reliability engineer, robotics engineer (software), cybersecurity specialist and Python developer are among the other top emerging jobs. Bengaluru was the top talent hub for the creation of these jobs, said the report.

The report highlights 19 key industries that are hiring for these emerging jobs. Of this, information technology and services, computer software, and the Internet are the top three industries, driving the demand in the Indian market for tech professionals in the coming year.

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